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I bought boneless pork chops that come individually sealed and it has a Sell By date of Aug 10.  Should I toss them in the freezer now or leave them in the fridge if I want to cook them on Aug 14?  I feel like the individual seal probably lets them last a bit longer in the fridge than when they are like 4 per pack and sealed with air in them, right? 

Ehhh, I just threw them in the freezer.  Because Sunday is the day after my sister's wedding, so who knows if we will be doing dinner with oot relatives.  And that would mean I couldn't cook them until the 16th.

But for future reference, how long after the Sell By date do people feel is ok without freezing?

Re: Meat Q

  • With meat I don't wait until after the sell by date, I just wouldn't trust it.  I either use it or freeze it.
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  • with meat I don't wait till past the sell by date to use or freeze it. I have, on rare occasion, bought something on "special" (like when the stuff is use or freeze by that day, so the store marks it down to get rid of it) and waited until the next day to cook it. That would be my max though.

    My FIL is a butcher, and he told us that technically the meat will still be okay for a day or 2 past the date... but not any longer. But, when you buy meat you should eat it (or freeze) w/ in a few days anyways (even if the sell by date is a week later) because the coolers they use in the stores can keep the meat much cooler, thus longer. Once it's in your home fridge it can't keep as long. 

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  • I usually try to use it within three days from when I bought it, regardless of the sell by date.
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