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Second camera for video monitor?

It seems the Summer Infant Best View monitor I have (less than 1 yr old) has been changed and the newer best view camera is not compatible with the one I have.

I contacted them and they will sell me another camera for $45. This seems like a good deal as some retail over $100 just for another camera. Should I get it?

I will want it if we have #2, but also my day/night that I was using in the other room has a broken charger suddenly, it drives me nuts that I can't see Baby A and Baby C! 

I can either get this now, or wait and just replace the whole systems down the road for a lot more!


Re: Second camera for video monitor?

  • Is it not compatible due to the recall they had? But either way I'd go with getting the new camera. A new system would cost a lot more. On a side note, I'd try and fight a little to see if you can get them to lower the price. If the system is under a year old shouldn't it be under manufacturer warranty?

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  • Oh, there is nothing wrong with it.....need a second one for the other room. This way I can switch back and forth with one unit. It wasn't ever recalled, they redesigned it and the new version isn't the same as the old.... although they have the same model #.

    I had a 2 yr old day/night I was using in other room, but the pin on the charger broke. It is over the warranty. 

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  • Ooh. now i want a 2nd camera for $45! I looked online and they are definitely over $100.. almost as much as a whole new system!

    I think you should get. 

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  • Yup, we got the second.  Our neighbors had ordered the second (for $100) back like almost a year ago.  Their second baby was due in January, and when it still hadn't arrived in Nov or Dec, they called and the company re-sent it to them.  Fast forward 9 months....and a neighbor on a different street shows up at their house with the package and is like "Oh, I got this a while ago but kept forgetting to bring it to you.  But better late than never!" haha what the heck.  Anyway, DH and the neighbor had a stupid bet that DH won and then the neighbor's wife was pissed the neighbor bet $100 (usually their bets are like $10 and under).  So instead they gave us the extra camera haha.

    But yes, buy it for $45!

  • I would definitely buy the 2nd camera. We have the day/night monitor with two cameras and I love being able to have a camera for each of the girls. 45 for the second camera isn't bad at all and if you find that you want to upgrade to something different in the future, you could always sell the whole system on eBay.
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  • P.s. I just read your other response that said that you have one of the day/night monitors that you arent able to charge because the charger is broken. If you would be interested in selling the handheld receiver, lmk. We have two cameras and two receivers, but the screen on one of the receivers is broken so we only get audio. It's not a huge deal, but if I could get a new one at a reasonable price, I probably would just to be able to see them both without constantly switching back and forth. So anywyas, if you have any interest in selling it, lmk. If not, no big deal. :)
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