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We had our first adoptive parent workshop on Saturday and it was amazing.  The first two sessions were on motivations/expectations of adoption and attachment issues and I learned so much.  The speaker actually runs a pretty unique ministry called Weaving Families Adoption Services which is not an adoption agency but a place where adoptive families can find support.  They offer counseling (such as attachment issues with children or even between husband & wife concerning IF/adoption) and education (such as the workshop we attended).  They also have difference resources listed on the site as wellI found it completely refreshing to find that resources such as this exist!  The founder is an adoptive parent (he and his wife have two boys from Guatemala and are getting ready to pick up twin boys from Liberia next week!) so knowing that this information and support is coming from someone who has been there makes it that much more encouraging to me.  So I just wanted to share the information with you ladies!
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