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How do you clean out your babies nose and ears???

With my pinky nail duh! lol I know its gross, but I actually grow my pinky nail a little longer so that I can safely get out all of his boogies and earwax. The crazy thing is it doesn't even gross me out at all!

What do you do?  

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Re: How do you clean out your babies nose and ears???

  • Right there with you on the boogies.  With his ears, I will use a q-tip on the "outer" part of his ear. 
  • Nose Frida and saline drops for his nose every day and a wash cloth for his ears. I don't want to even use a q tip to risk him jerking his head! 
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  • I use a wash cloth in his ears at every bath. I don't do anything special to his nose. If he has a booger I can pick, I do, but otherwise, I leave it alone.
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  • Safety q-tip and tissues to get the outer parts of her ears.

    Nose suction bulb, which she hates, or my pinky finger with a tissue over it.

    Our sweet girl is 3!

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  • For the nose, the Nosefrida is amazing! And I use a Q-tip in the outer part of the ear.
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  • I pick DS's nose too! As for the ears we have the baby Qtips that have this big halo around the bottom. i find if its already coming out of the ear canal the qtip just pushes it back so i'll use my nail for that as well. hey were moms little grosses us out anymore!

  • I totally use my pinky finger nail for the ear - you are not alone!  My kids have very ear waxy ears  (thanks DH).  So I absolutely have to get it out.  I use the bulb thing for DS.  I never could it up DD's nose.  I guess his nose is bigger!  LOL.
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