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Safety 1st Comfy Carry Elite Car Seat

I got this car seat for my baby shower and it fits into the base weird. When you get it in the car and into the base if you pull up on the front of the carseat( where the baby's head would be) it comes right off! It only latches on one side. I keep being told that "just the way Safety 1st makes their seats" but... I'm not sure I'm completely comfortable with this. Any body else have any experiance with this particular brand?

Re: Safety 1st Comfy Carry Elite Car Seat

  • ive never heard of that either...and i certainly wouldnt be comfortable either! id check to see if any places are doing car seat checks in your area, to see if its really ok...
  • I ended up just exchanging it for another seat that snaps into the base nice and tight. I was just too uncomfortable putting my baby in that seat.
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  • I wouldn't be comfortable with that either! Some towns around do car seat safety inspections. We are going to one in Falmouth (they are the 1st Thrusday of every month from 2-6). Check with some of the Fire/EMS stations in your area to see if anyone is offering them so you'll be comfortable with any seat you buy.
  • thats a safety feature so that if you are in an accident the baby's seat moves to absorb the impact, instead of the baby absorbing the impact. 
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