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Similac Sensitive & Advanced & Enfamil (free)

Hi! I have tons of Formula two cans that will expire in the next 2 months. I have two of the 12 oz cans of similac sensitive and a few smaller sized advanced similac as well as the premade bottles (similac & enfamil) like in the hospital. I was given some of this by drs and hospitals and different places along the way through my pregnancy as well as bought a few cans with hopes of not having to use it because I was really hoping to succeed with BF as I didn't with my first. Anyway DD can only drink Alimentium or BM so I don't need any of this. I would like to give to someone who really needs it, or donate it somehow. Any one in need of have suggestions? Also have checks for enfamil and similac I won't be using...


Thanks :) 

Re: Similac Sensitive & Advanced & Enfamil (free)

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