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has anyone here delivered at....

has anyone here delivered at st. joseph's? what did you think?

Re: has anyone here delivered at....

  • no, but if a baby has any major problems (breathing, whatever) at my hospital (arrowhead) I know they transfer them to st. joseph's so they have that going for them :)
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  • I delivered at St Joe's (via c-section) and it was wonderful. The staff was great. Who is your Dr? I see Greenspan and he did a great job... 
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  • I did, we had a great experience. Had a minor complication during labor (meconium in the amniotic fluid) and they called the nicu team to be present for his birth. Turns out LO was fine, but it was nice knowing that the resources were there in case it was needed. It is in the older part of the hospital but that didnt matter as much to me as the medical care. I plan to deliver there again if the time comes even though now we moved out to the way east valley.
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  • I just had my baby there!  All natural and med-free, the only intervention I had (breaking waters for me) was upon my request.  I was super nervous about having a hospital birth since I wanted to labor naturally, and in the end it was fine -- a lot of my anxiety was completely unneccesary.

    I like that St. Joe's has a nurse-midwifery program -- I saw the midwives there for prenatal care, mostly Donna Tash, who I would highly recommend.  Tanya Belcheff delivered my baby (another midwife -- they all rotate who's on call in L&D.)  Everyong I interacted with at the hospital was very accomodating to my requests; I didn't want any of the "routine interventions" or hospital protocol and nobody was pushy at all.  Allison Waters was my nurse and she was a godsend!!! 

    The only thing I wish I'd known is that in the recovery room apparantly there is a pink sign that you can put on the door that says "Please do not disturb, I am enjoying private time with my baby."  I didn't know that sign existed and had nurses and residents coming in to bug me, check the baby, etc all the time. 

    Besides the place itself being an utter maze to navigate, I thought it was great.  It might not be the most modern of facilities but the care I received was superb. 

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