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refuse to take her pacifier for her thumb

she refuses to take her pacifier for her thumb at 2 months 1/2 and now shez 3 months. when i put the gloves she pissed of n passed a bad me plz
Wilannie 3 Months old

Re: refuse to take her pacifier for her thumb

  • um...what?

    Do you mean she's sucking her thumb and you'd rather she took the pacifier?  I don't think there's much you can do about that.  Some kids just don't like the paci.  

    Speaking as someone who's older child is still in major need of a paci to sleep, I almost wish he would have refused!

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  • yes she prefers to suck her thumb


    Wilannie 3 Months old
  • It's her way to sooth her self it's natural.
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  • Honestly, just go with it.  If she's figured out a way to self-soothe, be happy and move on.  Lots of kiddos are thumb and finger suckers.  Is it ideal?  No, but it's not worth getting stressed over.
  • ok thk u


    Wilannie 3 Months old
  • Some kids are thumbsuckers and other kids won't take pacifiers. Often they're the same kid. There's really not much you can do about it, considering you can't really take their thumbs away.
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  • Thumb sucking gets such a bad rap. No, I don't want DS sucking his thumb when he's 10, but at 4 months he likes it and hates the paci. He needs to be able to setf-soothe and this is what works for him.
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  • I never thought I'd have a thumb sucker.. but lo and behold, she's not a hug fan of the paci. She'll take it, but eventually spits it out and sticks her thumb in her mouth. The up side is that she doesn't scream when the paci falls out which means I'm not constantly running in there to put it back in.. big bonus lol!
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