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Hi, my LO was born last Monday at 35 weeks.  He did a short stay in the NICU and was cleared to come up to my room.  On Wednesday we found out DH and my oldest DD were diagnosed with the flu.  I started to get sick and because of an increase in his white blood cells, they put him on Tamiflu.  The next day his platelets started to drop rapidly.  He has received four transfusions.  He is on oxygen and a feeding tube.

Right now we are just taking it day by day.  I feel like we will get a good report and then a few hours later we get a discouraging report. I am an emotional wreck.  I know part of it is hormones but it so hard to not know what is going on.  

I have two older daughters and I am trying to balance going to the NICU and spending time with them.  I was in the hospital for a week and they weren't allowed to come visit and they still haven't seen him.

 Any tips you ladies might have would be appreciated.  I need to know how to get through this for Max and the rest of my family.


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Max born July 25


Big sisters Alex and Layla


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  • Welcome...sorry you have to be here, but you will find a lot support here...

    Congrats and lots of thoughts and prayers coming your way.

    TTC #1 since 4/2007... MFI (low motility/low Testosterone) & PCOS IVF #1 August 2010...BFP 1st sono shows TWINS!!!! Due May 23rd 2011 Ruptured @ 21 weeks (Jan 13) Delivered 26 weekers (Blake and Addison) on Valentine's Day... Keeping faith and praying, God has a plan and we just have to learn to follow. Our Blog ... Lilypie Premature Baby tickers
  • Hello, congratulations, & welcome...I'm terribly sorry to hear about all the complications you've had so far. I didn't even know the flu was going around! :(

    NICU is a rollercoaster...just hang on. It will get better and one day (soon, I hope!) you'll all be at home together.

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  • Congratulations on the birth of your son. I'm sorry to hear that everyone is not feeling well. Hopefully Max will start to feel better and he can come home soon. The NICU ride is so emotional. The ladies are on this board a wonderful bunch, so ask any question you may have.



  • Congratulations on the arrival of Max!  I'm sorry that he is back in the NICU and you are on the NICU roller coaster.  I hope they get this knocked out of his system and he is home with you soon.
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