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High Blood Pressure

Hi Everyone,

I was just curious if anyone else has had high blood pressure during their pregnancy. My last two appointments my BP has been pretty high. My OB said at my next appt if my blood pressure is high we're doing the 24 urine collection to test for protein. Has anyone else done this yet? Or been diagnosed with preeclampsia? I was just wondering what is in store for me if I am diagnosed with it or if my blood pressure stays high?


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Re: High Blood Pressure

  • My BP has been borderline high throughout my pregnancy.  I have an apt on Wednesday and I am just really hoping it is not through the roof.  I wish you well with yours too.
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  • My BP started running high at 32 weeks and at my 34 week appointment (last thursday) I was hospitalized after my urine revealed protein. After 4 days on hospital bedrest and constant monitoring I'm home on strict bedrest. They felt I would probably feel more comfortable and less stressed at home. However, I have 2 appointments this week and most likely will be induced friday. I do NOT want to induced early but pre-e is nothing to play with & it's hard not to worry about my baby. We're just trying to let baby bake a few more days : ) Good luck to you and don't ever hesitate to call your doctor if you feel like something isn't right!

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  • I've been on bedrest since late June because of high BP.  Before getting pregnant, I already took medication for hypertension (it runs in our family even if you're super healthy)...

    My BP started to creep up and became borderline scary, so I was on modified BR for a week and then had to begin working from home on stricter rest. 

    I never had protein in my urine until this past week, along with higher BP readings, so I officially got the pre-e diagnosis then -  but I've been really good about monitoring my BP and communicating any changes with the OB's office.  I didn't have to do the 24 hour collection because I'm delivering on Tuesday (yay!)

    High BP puts you at risk for a few things and can stress the baby - but I encourage you to ask the doctor or nurse to take your BP, then let you lay down on your left side for 10 minutes, and then recheck your BP.  Laying on your left side takes a lot of stress off your heart and generally will help lower your BP if it is just pregnancy induced hypertension. 

  • My BP has been high since around 14 weeks. They put me on medicine to keep it controlled and it remained pretty steady until around 28 weeks when it started creeping up. They increased the meds and it has been pretty stable since then (still high sometimes, but not crazy high). I have been tested for pre-e several times, always negative. I haven't had any other signs or symptoms for it. They told me that some times you can just have high BP in pregnancy and its not related to anything else, that seems to be the case for me. Hopefully its the case for you as well! If BP is steady, they won't induce me before 41 weeks, if it goes up (consistently to 150's/90's or higher) or I show other signs of pre-e they might induce earlier. I've had to have extra ultrasounds to check on how the baby is doing, but I don't mind those :)
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