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kinda stupid question.?

If you have an epidural, and end up having to have a c-section do they give you anything else since you already have the epidural?

Re: kinda stupid question.?

  • I don't recall exactly what or how they gave it to me, but I do know that they gave me something else prior to my C-Section. The anesthesiologist came back into the room and did something but I honestly don't remember much about what was going on at that point.  I know they must have though because with just the epidural, I could still move my legs and I had sensations all throughout my legs.  While in surgery, I clearly had no ability to move and didn't feel a thing.

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  • They usually up your epidural.
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  • I had an epidural, and ended up with an emergency CS, I dont remember them giving me anything else, but that was 6 1/2 years ago and I was exhausted by then, so they possibly could have.
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  • yes , if u have to have a c section that wasnt expected they will give you a spinal block. that makes sure to confirm that you wont feel any of the surgery and it takes longer to wear off. i know this for a fact becuz with my first son i had emergency csection and they then gave me a spinal block about 5 mins before cutting me . and with this baby they are just going to give me the block. but yes you can have an epidural then have a spinal block the worst that would happen is you would feel loopy . i did , i felt out of it and didnt get to experince the birth .
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