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I am new to and I am new to the Seattle area. I don't know all the cute little abbreviations for everything, but I am trying to figure them out. My husband's company is opening a store in the SouthCenter Mall so we took the opportunity to relocate and find our niche here. We are from the Sacramento area in Northern California. My son is 8 months old. I am looking forward to connecting with some people in my area as I know very few people up here. This looks like a fun message board to be a part of! 

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Re: New to area

  • Hi and welcome!  This board has gotten a little quiet lately, but it can be pretty active...  I hope you are settling in to your new home!
  • Hi and welcome!!!    I love the SC mall, what kind of store is your dh opening??  Oh and what area of Seattle are you in??
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  • DH? He is opening a skate shop called CCS and I am in the south area of Kent. 
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  • Welcome to the board! The ladies here are great. Hope you stick around. Smile
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    DH? He is opening a skate shop called CCS and I am in the south area of Kent. 

    Dear Husband. Welcome to the area and welcome to the board.



  • I am not on this board a whole lot (mostly on 12-24) but check here every once in a while.

    Welcome to Seattle and this board. We live in the West part of Kent, so not too far from you. I've been in your shoes, I moved here six years ago and did not know anyone. Just give it some time and you'll start to feel more at home and meet people. In the meantime, stay in touch here!

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  • Welcome!  This is a pretty busy and friendly board.  Hope you're getting used to your new digs. Our babies are just about the same age, it seems!
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  • Hi!  I'm the one you ran into at Target!  Glad you joined the board!  Hope you are settling in.  Like the other girls said this is a great board!
  • Hi and welcome!  I moved to the area almost 9 years ago and have loved being here.  I hope you settle in and love it, too!

    To learn most of the little acronyms, there's a link on the left side of your page.  Look in the shaded section, down under "My boards."  You should see a link for "Bump Board Glossary."  Any others, just ask! :-)

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  • Welcome to the board and Seattle. We used to live in Sacramento. DH is from there, but I couldn't take the summers as I grew up here so I drug him home nearly five years ago. Aside from the heat, I really liked Sacramento. Welcome to Seattle and Washington!
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  • Welcome!  I hope you are enjoying the Seattle area so far!
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