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What bath toys?

I want to avoid the squirters because I've heard horror stories about the mold. What bath toys have your LOs loved? 
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Re: What bath toys?

  • Our tub: 

    I love these guys:

    They are squirters, but they have twist off interchangeable tops. Also a red plastic spoon from getting frozen yoghurt a few weeks ago. lol. And bubbles. Not the bath bubbles kind, but just regular blowing bubbles. Fun and pretty mess-free.  

    ETA: And just some plastic cups for pouring. 

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  • my son's favorite bath toy is an extra wash cloth... he splashes with it and chews on it and then washes his own belly too.... and he's only 8 months old lol.... works wonders
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  • I have a bunch of plastic cups that pour differently. We were just doing a quick bath, with the shower head.  But now that she sits so well we want to let her play more.  She likes them but I thought more stuff would be more fun.
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  • Infantino rubber ducks, Bruin stacking cups
  • Linz-ELinz-E member
    stacking cups and fao stacking blocks
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  • We have these...

    They are foam too so it works great for teething!! lol.... They are small for their tiny hands and now that DD1 is learning to read, she spells out words on the bathtub wall. (they stick to the wall and tub)

    We also found a little butterfly toy that has a net and 3 butterflies that swim around and they catch them. DD1 uses the net and DD2 just tries to catch them with her hands.

    PS.... the butterfly toy was most definitely NOT that much when I got it!  I think at walmart.....


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  • We have Green Sprouts Sea Friends and stacking cups. If you are worried about mold, rinse your toys in a small bleach bath once a month to keep the mold away.
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  • Where is ticket when you need her. On a similar post she said she used squirters. They were really cool because they came apart and you could clean the inside. I was thinking about getting some but will have to search to find them.
  • :lurking: DS loves the munchkin baby bath ball: (sorry can't make a link with iPad)
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  • R loves the Sassy Catch and Release fishing net and the Pull and Go boats. He also really likes bath books and bubbles.


    We do have some squirty toys and always had other ones for SD when she was small and we never had mold problems because we made sure that the water was all squeezed out after use and I rinsed them (inside and out) in a bleach solution a couple of times a month. But it is a PITA...

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  • Boon Odd Duck--gets great reviews and DS loves his!
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  • At BRU I got Sassy brand plastic otter and penguin that have different holes in them to create a fountain effect when pouring. We also have stacking cups and finger puppets of sea creatures that are made for the bath.
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