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Preemie mom about to have another.

Hi. Just thought I'd introduce myself, I used to post on here a few years ago but haven't been back lately. I have a set of b/g twins who were born at 34 weeks back in 2008 who will be 3 this September. I am pregnant with number 3 and had a September due date this time but I'm not going to make it that far. My water broke at 32 weeks 6 days and I have been in the hospital ever since. The doctor has been trying for the last several days to collect a sample of amniotic fluid, which they finally did this morning. They sent it for fetal lung maturity testing and if that comes back showing maturity they want to induce my labor. If not they will hold out a few more days and deliver me at 34 weeks, but in either case it's just a few days away. I certainly never thought this would be happening again this time. Everyone kept telling me that my issues last time were due to the multiple pregnancy and I would go to term this time so this has been a big shock and taken a lot of adjustment. I'm still not 100% sure I really accept what's coming. Just thought I would say hello since I might be back in a few days with questions!
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Re: Preemie mom about to have another.

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    Sorry you have to be back here but welcome back!

    Your twins are adorable! I hope everything comes back with good results and you are able to do whatever is healthiest for this baby and for you. Keep us updated!

  • Fingers crossed that everything goes as well as can be expected! I'm sure your LO and you are in good hands. I know a few girls on the bump were monitored for infection and stayed pregnant for a few weeks after their water broke, so you could ask your doctors about that option, maybe?
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  • Hi! Welcome back (though I'm sorry you're here). GL, keep us updated!

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  • Ugh. Pprom is awful, I'm sorry. I had a preconception appointment with an MFM a few months ago and she guessed that in a few years there would be no induction until 37+ weeks with pprom if mom showed no sign of infection. I ppromed at 34w3d and was monitored for a week before they induced with no infection. I too would ask about holding off if you are both healthy...but either way I wish you the absolute best.
  • Aw honey I'm sorry your back here again. I hope you can hold out for another few more days. Please keep us posted.



  • So sorry you have to come back here!

    the one silver lining is that you've been here before. It won't be as new and as scarey.

    Good Luck. Sending thoughts and prayers that LO is strong and healthy!

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  • I am sorry to hear that you are going through this again. I hope everything goes well and that your LO has a short NICU stay.
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