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3rd Trimester

I can't wait for...

Besides obviously meeting LO and enjoying a lifelong gift of motherhood, what are you most excited about post-pregnancy? Having that long-awaited margarita? Sushi?

For me it's getting back into my normal exercise routine without limitations, being able to shave my ladybits and legs without it being a shot in the dark, and being able to wear non-maternity clothes; as silly as it sounds. Isn't it funny how pregnancy makes you appreciate these little things?

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Re: I can't wait for...

  • I've still been enjoying sushi- as I only like the cooked stuff anyways!  But I agree with you- can't wait to get back to my normal exercise, I miss running!! 


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  • Oooh, I've got a list! I can't wait:
    -to be able to get up and down and play with my toddler the way I'd like to
    -to wear my normal, non-maternity clothing again
    -to be able to eat the foods I like without suffering terrible nausea and heartburn
    -to be able to wear my engagement ring and wedding band again
    -to meet my 2nd daughter and to watch my 1st daughter meet her little sister

    There's more, but I'll stop there.

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  • I can't wait to be able to sleep on my stomach again! That, and eating sushi and drinking sangria.. those are probably my top 3 things I've missed the most :-)
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  • To have a nice glass of wine with my parents or a beer with my husband and our friends!
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  • I cannot wait to have WINE or maybe a mohito! And getting my body back, LOL. I want to not have to buy all new jeans, or clothes :-)

  • Oh yes! I can't wait for a big glass of wine and a mohito! I miss sushi so much, especially our dragon roll and my sashimi! Being able to run and sweat my butt off again. I also can't wait to buy a cute, sexy outfit and have my body back! Oh another, is to feel sexy again during intimacy. Hmm, what else? I am sure many more, but will stop there. :)
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  • e_deloe_delo
    Fifth Anniversary Photogenic

    -to feel pretty again

    -to see my dh hold his first son

    -to have those snugglie nights (or days) with LO on my shoulder

    -sweet baby smells

    -riding the jet skiis again!!!!!

  • MARGARITAS!!!!!!  My first cocktail will be that watermelon margarita from On the Border!

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  • Can't wait for a good a$$ kicking, heart pounding, no restrictions workout again!  Walking at a 3.5 on the treadmill, the elliptical & yoga with tons of modifications are all very well but frankly kind of boring!
  • Drink caffeine...and not worry about "moderation"

    Exercise again at an intense level

    Stop having to answer "when are you due?" 19 times a day... followed by the what are you having, do you have names .... when I just want to pay for my damn gas!

    Look like myself....this chick waddling around our house is definately not the hell on heels my DH married.

    Be able to give DH a hug and kiss when he gets home thats actually tight ...not like we're in middleschool dancing with a basketball between us.

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  • beer, wine, and normal size belly!
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  • I have a list!

    I can't wait...

    to play with my daughter and run around the way I want to
    to start dropping some serious LBS and fit into my pre pregnancy clothes
    to eat fast food and really sugary food and pop and juice (I have GD)
    and to not get up every 2 hrs to pee at night

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  • playing with my boys again

    feeling like a normal person again

    red wine

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  • I can't wait to drink caffine again.  In the beggining I had terrible headaches from not drinking coffee. I don't want to hear are you pregnant? You look like you might be but your not very big.  I want hold her and smell her and kiss her all over. 
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  • image Shannon526:
    I can't wait to be able to sleep on my stomach again! That, and eating sushi and drinking sangria.. those are probably my top 3 things I've missed the most :-)

    Every pregnany I wish I had been a side sleeper or something beforehand... I miss laying on my belly and sleeping soundly.

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  • Everything you named, exactly.

    // I love you too. //

  • To see my son for the first time!


    Strolls in the Fall with LO all snuggled up

    Real Sex, not pregnancy sex

    Finding a perfect routine with LO

    and Watching my DH with our son, Walter


    EDD 9/01/11

    my nursery progress


  • ...to see DH hold the baby.

    ... to get back into marathon running shape

    ... to sleep without pain, discomfort, or being on my side.

    ... the most delicious roll of sushi with a large Sapporo.

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  • I just want my husband back home. He's due to be back a few months after baby should arrive. It'll make for one hell of a Christmas celebration, though!
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  • can't wait to:

    see DS with his baby brother

    lose the weight in my face, arms and a**

    not have backaches anymore

    have a drink

    eat sushi

    stop peeing in a cup! 


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