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First night

Well the first night was NOT a catastrophe LOL DH and I did keep checking on her breathing. But she is such a noisy sleeper that I think we only did it like 2xs each haha The only horrible part was that a transformer blew in our neighborhood and we had NO power from 10pm-4am!! All I could think was thank goodness we have a portable O2 tank that doesn't require power and we didn't come home on a monitor LOL We did have to do two feedings with DH holding a flashlight on Emily and me so I could watch for color changes. Thank goodness she has physical and 'vocal' cues or else I never would have known if anything was wrong. And yes, I did snap at poor DH the whole time :/ Stinking stress LOL But he forgave me. This am, he tried to let me sleep in and got up to take care of Emily's 0730 feeding. But poor guy couldn't figure out how to put the bottle together LOL But he tried!! Mega spouse points for that haha 

And thank you to everyone that gave me advice on bottles for her. I only bought one each of Avent and Playtex ventair and she HATED the Avent! So we are going out today to stock up on the Playtex LOL

Oh! And I heart this board! You ladies are seriously the best! 


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Re: First night

  • kck329kck329 member

    Ok first-I LOVE your new picture! Its so great to see her face with no O2!

    Congrats on surviving the first night. Feeding by flashlight....I'm impressed! Soon your DH will be able to do all the bottles-I love the weekends because DH does her 3 am feeding for me and I get a little more sleep. 

    Have a great first full day with Emily!

  • Her picture is beautiful! Congratulations!

    Power outtages were my biggest fear re: pump thought both pump & monitors come with......battery packs! Party!!!

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  • LOOOOOOOOK at that new picture! YAYYYY!!!!!! I love love love it!

    And lol my poor husband has been on the revieving end of my stress snaps many times in the last couple weeks. He takes it like a champ though!

    Enjoy your baby girl at HOME!

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