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How is Alaska different?

Hey Ladies, I was trying to think of a few things to talk about on this board to get things rolling along.  So, what do you think are some pregnancy and parenting issues or pros/cons for Alaskan mamas and dads?  Any thoughts?

Re: How is Alaska different?

  • Its super hard to get out of the house and do things with a baby when its -30! Thats a huge con. On the other hand we have the most amazing scenery and and local wildlife that amazes children :) 
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  • I agree weather is huge.  I just went through registering for gifts and my biggest complaint right now is how limited the baby section at Targets in Alaska are so much smaller than the lower 48.  I had a horrible time trying to register at toys r us, plus family wanted me to register at target, but there is so much more online and in stores in the lower 48. 

     I think overall my biggest con will be, being so far away from family.  All of our family lives in Wisconsin, and even though I love living here and do not want to move.  It's hard not having family to rely on up here. 

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  • The weather is a huge problem. I really struggle with winter gear and using the carseat safely. I know that bulky coats and whatnot shouldn't be used with the carseat, but I also know that -40 is COOOLLLDD!!

    Shopping irritates me.  There are so few options in Fairbanks and so many online places either won't ship to Alaska or won't ship to PO boxes.  Noone (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.) will deliver to my door.  That limits shopping options even more.

    I am lucky enough that my mom and my brother live close by, but I really struggle with living so far away from my sister, dad, in-laws and all of our other family.  I so badly want DD to know her extended family well...

  • Definitely the weather!! It is so irritating to want to go for a walk and it's pouring rain. Being away from family is hard too. Then of course there are like no baby stores up here and the ones they do have are horrible overpriced. What irritates me the most though is how there are no support groups for mommies and daddies to bring baby to and just talk with other parents. I've been trying to find one since I was about 5 months pregnant and there is no help up here unless you are military and even then it's not a support group but someone coming to your house to check up on you and baby. Being pregnant in the winter was actually amazing for me. I only fell once and that was when I was 12 weeks and it was just a little slip. But could you imagine it being 80 degrees out and pregnant?? I would almost rather come up here every time I plan on getting pregnant just to stay out of the heat lol. Plus you always have the excuse well I'm pregnant and it's snowing if you don't want to get out of the house!
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  • For those worried  about shopping - I live and breath Amazon.  Free shipping, even to Alaska, and you can get everything you need.  I live in Fairbanks, the options for baby are limited at best.


     First Baby!! HOPING for natural birth -- HOPING for cloth diapers to work out! 

  • Its all about perspective! I use to live in Sitka where there was absolutely nothing as far as shopping goes and you only had one option for birthing. Now I live on the peninsula where shopping is still limited, but at least I don't have to take a $600 plane ride to do it. Within 3 hours I'm in the city and can get what I need. The biggest problem that I have right now finding out I'm pregnant is trying to figure out my doctor options. I would like to avoid the city if I can but either way maternity leave goes from 6 weeks to a minimum of 8 weeks because of having to be close to a hospital just in case. So I'm figuring it out one step at a time.
  • I'm finding that it's all about where you live.  My husband and I just moved to a small town in Southwestern AK and the week we moved (from NY) I found out I am pregnant with my first!  I'm not looking forward to flying 1-2 hours away to deliver, but am lucky that I will be able to get most of my prenantal visits done by the clinic in town.  In NY there were three hospitals and a birth center all within a half hour of my house (one of which I worked at) and the options were endless.  Alaskan moms are flexible, but I am not looking forward to "going to wait" in Bethel or Anchorage for four weeks before I deliver without family in town : (
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