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Did you gain weight faster w/ #2?

I've gained 20+ lbs already this pregnancy...that's compared to 10 at this point last time.  This is by my own scale, having kept track since day 1.  My midwife practice didn't see me until 8 weeks, so their number is lower.

I gained a total of 36 lbs with Cal and am well on my way to that now...in fact, I'm sure I will surpass it.

A friend of mine said she gained more earlier on with her 2nd, but then things slowed down and in the end she gained about the same amount, total.

Just curious what others have experienced w/ their 2nd pregnancy.

I have definitely indulged...a lot.  BUT, I did with my 1st pregnancy too...and I had a rough 1st tri with nausea this time, and didn't eat much during that time frame.  So I don't think the indulgence factors in too much.

I'm not obsessed with my weight normally, I just like to keep track of my pregnancy weight gain.  And I am blown away this time!

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Re: Did you gain weight faster w/ #2?

  • I'm having twins so I guess I can't really compare to my first pregnancy but YES I have gained a LOT more than my first pregnancy.  And I also think I ate WAY more with my first pregnancy than this one.  I have to believe that I too would have still gained more than my first even if I was only carrying one.  Owell...

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  • I look like I have gained a TON of weight, but I am only up 8 lbs so far (well, probably closer to 10 but that is where I was at 20 weeks).  I feel like I am getting bigger faster, but we'll see.  I gained about 34lbs with Patrick.  I'd like to not surpass that but I am not hung up on it either.
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  • As of my OB appt on Friday, I had gained 24 lbs.  I gained 26 TOTAL with Caroline.

    I think it is just how 2nd pregnancies work. 


  • Yes!  And I'm only 10 weeks in.  I hadn't gained at all at this point with DS.  I don't think I gained until about 16 weeks with him, I gained 37lbs total.  This time depending on the day (it goes up and down) I'm up somewhere between 3.5-7lbs.

    There was a thread not too long ago that the basic consensus was that people gained earlier with #2 but ended up gaining about the same.  I'm also not generally too concerned with my weight and have not trouble gaining for pregnancy, but I am concerned that I'll gain too much, I'd like to keep it under 40 if possible. 

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  • Ali212Ali212 member
    I gained about the same with both pregnancies though I think the gain was quicker upfront with my 2nd than with my first.  Surprisingly, I gained a little less with my 2nd but I chalk that up to having summer at the end of my pregnancy so I was much more active (walking, swimming) than I was at the end of my first pregnancy.
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  • laura1laura1 member
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    I was the opposite - I could NOT gain weight with #2.  I gained 25 lbs with #1 and only 19 lbs with #2, despite eating all sorts of stuff to try to gain more.  DD was always measuring small, so I was trying to do my part to get her to grow.

     It was really odd, but I could only guess it was from chasing my #1 around all of the time!  

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  • With DS i gained a total of 22lbs, and most of that not until after 30w. This time around I thought I was gaining more weight, but it seems to just be distributed differently.  I actually lost 3lbs at my last appt, (not complaining though).  At this point I am probably at the same weight gain as with DS.
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  • I don't know how much i've gained so far but it feels like atleast 10 pounds.  With my first pregnnacy I gained 32 total.  I have a feeling I will surpass that this time around and it's killing me.  Thankfully the first time I lost all my weight and then some within two weeks. Hope that happens again!
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