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How do you put LO to bed?

When LO was younger he would do drowsy but awake.  For the last several weeks he cries like crazy as soon as he hits the crib.  We tried to let him CIO once but I think he almost had a heart attack.  Since then we've been letting him lay on our bed & we wait until he's asleep to put him in his crib.  Sometimes it takes 20 minutes & it's getting old.  Btw he's actually just shy of 6 months old despite my ticker. Help!!!  Confused  TIA

Re: How do you put LO to bed?

  • We have to do the same thing! If we put him in the crib, he tosses and turns but if we put him on our bed, he falls asleep pretty quickly. At least we've stopped having to put him in our bed in the middle of the night. That wasn't fun! I've convinced myself it's a Wonder Weeks thing.

    I don't have any advice on getting him to sleep sooner, but you are not alone!

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  • We do our routine of bath, PJs, vitamin, brush teeth, nurse, then read in the glider and rock/sing songs to mellow him out. He's so busy now that he's on the go that I think he likes taking the time to just relax before going down. Some nights he's drowsy when I put him down, others he's still wide awake. For the most part he'll go down relatively easy...maybe a little crying...but some nights he puts up a fight, I think if he's overtired. Then I just will nurse him some more in case he's still hungry or rock him a little longer. Probably 90% of the time he goes in his bed still awake.  

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  • We feed Jay his last bottle, usually around 8pm, and then we lay him down. One of two things always happens. On a good night Jay will fall asleep the secon we lay him down. On a not so good night he will stay awake and cry for no more than a half hour and then he is out for the night. If you are ok with CIO I would do that. 20min really isn't that long. It will get better eventually.
  • I just finished putting her to bed :) 

    For the past week, I've been trying a new way. It's good so far.
    Now, around 8:30 or so, when Abigail starts rubbing her eyes (which is the sweetest thing ever!!) and yawning, I stop whatever I'm doing and we go lay down. I nurse her until she goes to sleep. Tonight it took 30 minutes. It can take as few as ten sometimes. I need to get her to where she doesn't depend on nursing to go to sleep.

    Before last week, we were up as late as 10 fighting with each other. We'd nurse a while, then she'd fuss a while, then we'd play a while, then we'd watch Baby Einstein a while...

    I'm glad it finally clicked that she was over-tired, and that's why bedtime was a nightmare! 

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  • We've always done the same thing at bed from day 1.  DD gets a bottle, fed to her in her dark room, then put to bed.  We leave the room and don't go back in unless she's crying.  She'll put herself to sleep.  Now we have to go in 3-4 times per night before she falls asleep because she'll roll onto her stomach and cry.

    Sorry your having a hard time...we had issues with DS and we brought him into our bed at an early age.  It only got harder and harder to get him out of our bed.  Finally a few months ago, he will sleep in his own bed all night.  It took a lot of work to make that transition.  So, although it makes things easier now, it may be harder down the road to get her out of your bed.  Do what you have to do...I definitely understand!

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  • We bathe and feed him til he falls asleep or gets drowsy. Lately he has been waking up the minute he touches the bed. We let him CIO for 10 minutes and then if he hasn't settled down, soothe him back and put him down and he always go down for the night on the second round.
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  • We seem to be in a pattern of giving DD her last bottle around 8:30/9:00, which makes her drowsy, then we put her right into bed after that - she has already had a diaper change and is in her pj's before this last bottle.  She immediately rolls over onto her stomach and falls asleep...seems like having a full belly is what helps the most.
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  • We have 15-20 minutes of wind down time (read books, sing a song, quiet play with toys - in her room and on the floor), then nurse, then rock to sleep, then lay her down in her crib and hope (while saying fifty-bajillion prayers all in one nano-second) that she stays asleep.  It is a total no-go if we put her down drowsy but awake.  All he!! breaks loose.  I'm working on trying to get DH on board for some sleep training, because the middle of the night wakeups are so frequent it's just plain ridiculous.  I'm a freaking zombie.


  • Around 7 DS eats his dinner (vegetable & fruit) then takes a bath.  After his bath he plays quietly for a little bit then I give him a bottle, then we lay him down awake with some musice playing by 8.  Sometimes he fusses before falling asleep, we just don't let him cry (not judging just our choice).  Most nights it goes just fine, but here lately there has been a few nights where after multiple attempts I finally lay him on the couch next to me and he falls asleep then I put him in his crib.  I hope you get it worked out soon, I know how draining it can be.
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  • teshy1teshy1 member
    We've had a bedtime routine for quite a while.  Usually about 1/2 hour before normal bedtime, we read to DD, then let her chill out on a blanket on the floor.  Then it's diaper change, into the sleep sack, and feeding.  We put her down drowsy but awake, and she's usually out pretty fast, without a fuss.  Knock on wood.
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  • Nurse to sleep. I get alot of crap for it but it works for us & I don't think CIO is for my daughter.
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  • We have two different nighttime routines:

    1)When DH is home (and not in work/school): playtime for 1/2 hour, baths (the 2 boys together in the big tub), the we sit in our bedroom and I rock DS2 in the glider with a bottle while DH reads a book to DS1 on our bed, then we put them to bed around 8:30.

    2)When DH is not home: complete chaos! lol 

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  • imageUSArmyWifeToBe:
    Nurse to sleep. I get alot of crap for it but it works for us & I don't think CIO is for my daughter.
    I nurse to sleep, too. Occasionally he will fall asleep with a bottle, but I can't put him in bed any other way or it results in a screaming match.
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  • Usually she falls asleep nursing, but if she doesn't she is usually asleep within 10 minutes of me putting her in her crib.
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