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Maternity Consignment?

I'm in the Arlington area, just for the summer. I'm 21 weeks now and really starting to show, and I need to get some decent work clothes before I head back to work (I'm an elementary teacher)! Does anyone have any good recommendations for consignment shops in the area with good maternity clothes?

I wish I had some more friends back at home that were my size and recently pregnant so I could borrow, but I don't! :(

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Re: Maternity Consignment?

  • Try Bellies and Babies in the Del Ray neighborhood in Alexandria. I haven't shopped there myself yet, but I've heard good things about it.

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  • I've gotten some good items at Kid to Kid in Centreville.


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  • I second the Kids to Kids in Centreville although it may be a bit of a drive coming from Arlington with all the traffic. But if you do go over there be sure and check out the thrift store next door too. They've got a VERY small section and a lot of it is outdated but I found a few diamonds in the rough for really cheap!!

    Good luck :)

  • The Unique in Falls Church has a pretty big maternity section. 
  • Also try Craig's List.  I bought 1 woman's entire wardrobe of 70 pieces for $125.
  • Love Wiggle Room in Bethesda, MD. Got a bunch of stuff when I was pregnant.  As with all consignment shops it is hit or miss.
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