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It's official! We staged a jailbreak and brought Emily home this am! She is 7lbs 0.5oz lol She came home on O2 with feedings only and NO moniter. We are a little freaked out about the lack of monitor, we both keep checking her for breathing LOL But OMG I cannot believe that there is a baby residing in my home. I cried on the way home, so overwhelemed. We still have to see a pulmonologist, dietician, optometrist, and developmental specialist on an out patient basis. But it's ok bc we finally have our baby girl home!

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Re: Jailbreak!

  • I was JUST coming on here to look for you! I am SO EXCITED for you!!!!!

    And omg yes, I was an absolute freakin mess on the way home. It's SO surreal, right?

    Enjoy every minute of it, mama! You've come a long way!!!

    PS Emily came home at the exact same GA as my babies, aw Smile

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  • awesome news! So happy for you!
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  • Great news!!!
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  • kck329kck329 member

    Hooray! Welcome home Emily! I hope you enjoy your first night at home as a family. Even middle of the night feeds seems special because they are so much better than calling the NICU to check in. I hope your first night is an easy one!


  • SO happy for you!  Yay!
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  • Congrats!! Try to get someone to come over during the day so that you can take a nap... I didn't sleep for the 1st 2 weeks because I was so scared he would stop breathing. It was so nice to have my mom come over and just hold him while I had a good nap! 
  • Oh, yay!  I teared up when reading your post because I'm so happy for you.  What a wonderful feeling to finally have her home.  <3
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  • That's so great!  We went home with no monitor and we were totally freaked at first too.  We checked her breathing constantly.  It's been 5 months and I still do it from time to time.  So happy for you!
  • I am beaming over this news! :D

    Enjoy your first night - it was my favorite <3

  • yay!  What a happy day for you! 
  • Yippy Emily is a NICU Graduate!!!

     Congratulations on getting Emily home!  I was so excited when I saw the Jailbreak photo on the Facebook Group page earlier!!  I know you  are beyond thrilled!!  Sophie came home on a monitor and we recently transitioned out of it, but we are using the Snuza movement monitor at night.  Helps me sleep better.  Best Wishes!!

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  • Huge congratulations and bringing your DD home. Enjoy every minute!
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  • Yay! That's great news! Enjoy every moment with her!
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