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My Husband is Going to be SO Annoyed.

He hates to repaint anything.  I mean really HATES it.  Right now, we have 3 rooms that need to be redone.  Our family room (to accommodate the stuff that's in my office now), my office (to make a big boy room for our son), and the nursery (for the new boy on the way). 

Things were looking good for my husband for a while.  I changed my mind on the nursery theme for the new baby.  It's now going to be Noah's Ark which I thought meant we could leave it the blue that it is.  My son was initially going to have a fire truck themed room, which would have required repainting the room he is going in to but, has since changed his mind and we are doing a space theme for him.  That means my study can stay the color it is.  This left only ONE room that needed painting.  My husband was thrilled.

Well, I've been noticing the past few days that the paint in the nursery is getting kind of dirty in places (any place my son can get his feet against the walls). Maybe it will wash up okay, maybe it won't.  However, I also just took out the new bedding/curtains and the shade of blue that it is now does not go with the new items AT ALL.  It's terrible.

I have no idea how I'm going to tell my husband that the nursery DOES need to be repainted.  Worse yet, it needs to be repainted a different shade of blue. LOL. He is NOT going to be able to tell the difference.  I fear for my marriage. 

Re: My Husband is Going to be SO Annoyed.

  • Well, if it is going to cause a big issue with your marriage, I would pay someone to come paint or maybe get friends/family to help. Surely he will not be too upset about having to repaint.


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  • Oh boy. My husband HATES painting, and we just struggled through painting the nursery and painting a new set of french doors just installed in the dining room. If I told him we had to paint something else, he would certainly be annoyed too. ;)

    Can you get a low VOC paint so that you can help him with the painting? Maybe sharing the work will help to soften the blow of having to paint so much.  

  • Ok, the thing about fearing for my marriage was said tongue in cheek. Sorry that wasn't clear.


    We definitely do get low VOC paint and I would be happy to help, I actually enjoy painting, except when painting with him.  He complains the entire time.  It's best to let him alone with the painting to stew quietly.  My time is MUCH better spent going to the store to supply him with beer :) 

  • Have a painting party get some people together that likes to paint, feed them well and give them beer. those rooms will be done fast!
  • Honestly, he should be EXCITED to be painting the nursery.... not upset about it. I can understand not wanting to paint but I think an occassion such as this should be a happy one-- part of HIS nesting for the baby. Recently, DH has taken on the task of painting ALOT of our house. He enlisted my FIL ( which I recommend for your DH-- get him some help!) and they have painted our living room (which has a bunch of trim),  our kitchen (which has a chair rail and needs two seperate paints and another coat of each), and the ceiling for the baby's room. They still need to paint the downstairs bathroom and the baby's room..... DH definitely isn't happy about getting the other rooms done because they are very detailed in their painting and it takes them hours, but I can tell he is very excited about painting the baby's room. I think that since I get to do so much of the decorating/nesting he's excited to get to do somethig!
  • DH absolutely refused to paint the baby's room for the same reasons. He absolutely hates painting and insisted that there is already paint on the wall, the baby wont notice! I spent last Friday doing it myself and now I get why he hates it. I am happy its done, it looks great and I feel accomplished. It was worth the hours of prep and painting. Really maybe you should do one room and have him do the other? I am pretty darn proud I did it all by myself!
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