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tell me about winter?  I'm back to school shopping and bought the kids some jackets for the fall.  thinking ahead (not buying winter gear yet).  what's the norm for winter?  we're used to NY winters (snow bibs and parkas).  

also, any outlet malls nearby?  good shopping? shoe shopping for kids? 

Re: lynchburg area.....

  • I take it you are moving to lynchburg?  I was formerly "Sarah&JoeinSC" but changed my sn last month.  Anyway, I recognize you from some other parenting boards.  We are trying/hoping to be moving to Lynchburg soon- DH's company is headquartered there and he has an interview for a transfer position in a week.  Sorry I'm no help about the winters; I know it will be colder for us since we're in SC/GA.  Snow will be a delight for us!  But I don't think they get a whole lot.  Do you know what neighborhoods/areas you're interested in?  I'm trying to get a feel for where we'd like to live but it's hard just using the internet.  I know the west side of town is better but I'd like to narrow it down from there.  Good luck with your move!

  • we're here. and like it.  we're near rivermont ave a 1/2 mile or mile from Virginia Baptist Hospital.   a handful of blocks towards downtown and it gets a little shady. looks like the city is building out west and south west towards Forest. Boonsboro area is nice.  we're in the city in a nice neighborhood. love the elem school we're zoned for so far.  (day 2) Good luck with interview and possible move!  
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  • We live in Lynchburg. Winters are mild. It snowed less than 5 times last winter. The real thing to worry about is the wind. You and the kids will need a coat and some scarves, but nothing over the top. Hope this helps. I'm sure you can also find the average temp.s online to get a better idea.
  • I know this is off topic.... but I just found out that I am pregnant and I am still new to the Lynchburg area .... can anyone make any suggestions about OB's, Dr's, Forest Womens vs Womens Health, how to meet other moms in the area, etc??

     Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!  We have a lot to be thankful for this year! 

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