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I have a friend on facebook who posted that her son needs to wear an eye patch 2 hours a day for his amblyopia...I rmr seeing a post that your LO also went through this.  My friend is having trouble finding a patch that isn't so sticky (she accidentally pulled the patch off pulling part of his skin with it :( )...can you name some brands of good ones you found?
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  • I'm sorry it took me a day to see this ...

    The patches we liked best were: Nexcare Opticlude Orthoptic Eye Patches (made by 3M) - we used them daily for over a year.

    We used Curad Eye Patches as well when we ran out once and couldn't get our normal brand, but I don't think we really liked them ... can't remember if it was a stickyness issue or not.

    We also tried (when we were first starting out and didn't know better): Coverlet Eye Occlusors and Ortopad brand patches. Ortopad patches were supposed to be super awesome fantastic patches, but they were AWFUL. Again, it has been too long, so I don't remember why we didn't like the Coverlet patches, but I have an almost full box because we quickly went to the store to get something else to try.

    One trick to help with the sticky factor is to gently apply them to your own palm very briefly before applying them to your child. It really is an aquired skill to be able to take them off without causing pain/harm.  The wet washcloth trick helps loosen them before you're set to remove them - dampen them with a moist washcloth for a minute or so before you start to remove them.

    I hope your FB friend finds some that work soon!

  • No worries :)  I sent my friend those brand names...hopefully she will find one that works for her LO...thank you so much!
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