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napping more than normal?

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My son is 6  months, 2 weeks.  He never has had an issue sleeping through the night and really is a pretty light napper.  He usually just takes 3-4 30 min catnaps throughout the day. Well now, the past 2 days he has been napping MUCH longer than normal.   Yesterday afternoon he slept over 2.5 hours in the afternoon.  And now he has been out for over 2 hours as well.  I know this is the norm for some babies but he NEVER napped like this before.  I'm usually lucky if he goes down for an hour.  What's up with this?  I don't think I need to be concerned right?

Re: napping more than normal?

  • DD was doing the same thing around that time and it turned out the first tooth was just around the corner.  She seemed to take longer naps right before the teeth came through. 

    DD is now almost 9 months and is a much better we can usually get one 1-2 hour nap in where as before we were lucky to get a 45 minute nap!

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  • He might just be transitioning to fewer naps. Older babies usually take 2 naps/day. Or it could be a growth spurt. I wouln't worry, enjoy it while it lasts. Tomorrow plan on doing something that takes 2 hours when he's napping. He'll wake up after 1 hour for sure!
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