TTC after 35

How much do you "do it" around ovulation?

I'm using the CBEFM and got high fert on Wednesday.  No sex - DH out of town.

High fert on Thurs  - - we did it that night.

PEAK Fert this morning and we did it this afternoon.

That's it - - DH out of town this evening thru the weekend.

 Is that enough???? I know that sperm can live up to 5 days...but DHs sperm is....well....old!!

(sorry if this is TMI)


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Re: How much do you "do it" around ovulation?

  • Well with baby no. 1 I was opsessed with BD for four days straight, but my DH has told me that with no. 2 that will not happen, so my plan is every other day a few day before and make sure I do it on the day of O (i'm pretty reg on my cycles).  It sounds good to me. GL.


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  • Before I was doing monitored cycles, my RE said to BD cycle day 10, 12, 14 unless you know that you ovulate earlier or later than day 14.
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  • This is a funny question to me just because *usually* we do it as soon as I get a +opk and the day after, and maybe the day after that too (when we're TTC naturally, that is....).  But last week I kept waiting to get a +opk and it didn't happen when I thought it would (delayed, probably, by having done an IVF cycle the month before), and then I also read somewhere that it's good to do it the day before you get a +, I made DH do it 6 days in a row! Suffice it to say we were both exhausted.....Tongue Tied
    me - 41 (dx: DOR); DH - 53 (no problems); 7/18/09 - married!; 8/4/09 - BFP on first (real)try; 9/14/09 - missed m/c; 9/15/09 - d&c; 11/09 - 3/10 - 4 natural cycles = BFN; 4/10 - dx hyperthyroidism caused by Graves' disease; 6/10 - thyroidectomy; 7/10 - 12/10 - 1 natural and 5 medicated IUI cycles = BFN; 1/11 - new RE; dx low ovarian reserve (AMH .42; 1/26/11 -- BFP (ectopic) from IUI #6; methotrexate 2/10/11; 6/2/11 - IVF #1 = BFN; 9/12/11 - prescreening for DE; 9/15/11 - IUI #7 (unmedicated)= BFN; 11/8 - begin DE cycle (shared risk program); 12/5 - ER (5 eggs/4 mature/3 fertilized/2 left by day 5) 12/10 - ET of one 1BB blast (expanded, "fair" quality), none to freeze; 12/22 - totally shocked by +hpt; beta #1 = 413; #2 = 3952 2/14 - CVS reveals a healthy baby girl! EDD: 8/27/12 DD born 8/31/12, 10 lbs 10 oz and perfect in every way. 
  • I think it depends.  I've read that every day isn't necessarily best as DH's sperm count could decrease. 
    Me:39 DH:46 TTC since 11/08
    HSG: good; Estradiol: 62 FSH: 4.4
    AMH: 0.75 Progesterone: 9
    DH: Volume: 1.2 Motility 34
    Concentration: 39.6 Morphology: 5
    Looking at IUI in Nov
  • steverstever member
    That seems like enough to me. When we conceived DS we did it everyday or every other  day around when I thought I O'd and did it the night I got a smiley face on the OPK.
  • We do it every day around o, maybe skipping a day or so in that 4-5 day period. We don't have any sperm issues, though.
    ttc since 2/2010 ~
    me (36): Hypothyroid (on Levothroid), low vit. d, borderline/high fsh (day 3: between 7-10) (day 10: 13 during CCCT), AFC: 14
    dh (31): awesome (minus one sample with agglutination)
    Diagnosis:possible DOR and/or unexplained + elevated NK cells + MTHFR (C677T - one copy)

    MAY 2011 - FEB 2012 - 3 injectable IUI's with numerous cancellations due to high TSH levels
    MAY 2012 - onto IVF/ICSI (Antagonist Protocol) on BCP and Folgard (3 week delay - cyst - boooo) 5/21 start stims 5/30 ER 11R 8M 3F 6/2 3DT of 3 6/12 Beta #1 83 | 6/14 Beta #2 196 | 6/21 Beta #3 3818 | 6/28 Beta #4 22,213 | 7/2 1st U/S - 2 on board! 8/24 CVS reveals that we have a boy AND a girl on board!

    Healthy baby boy and girl born in February, 2013 at 38 weeks and 2 days!

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  • Thank you everyone! 
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  • We do every other day, starting four days before ovulation and going at least a few days after.  My cycle is pretty regular, but this is just in case.  We'll go at things this way for a few months and if no BFP, we'll try using a OPK.
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