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i think i'm out

Even though it's 4 days before AF is due, I've been feeling PMS-y, so I POAS this morning. BFN. Guess it could be wrong, but I'm just not feeling it.

If IUI#2 is indeed a fail, I may take Aug off.  After the rush to get all my testing done, then 2 cycles of IUI, I'm totally over doctors / meds / early morning appointments. Maybe we'll take a break cycle and try naturally, then get back on the horse in Sept. I think my RE will say to try a few more IUIs. I responded well, at least 3-4 follies each time. And I only had to take the Ovidrel shot the 1st time. But we're OOP for the rest of the year, so we have to make some financial decisions.

On top of that, I have a raging headache today. Just want to stay in bed in the AC all day, it's nasty and muggy here in NYC. What a yuckface day.

Going to see Cowboys and Aliens tonight. Maybe a Mr. Daniel Craig kickin' some alien butt will cheer me up. Bonus if he gets naked!


Me = 38, Husband = 31. TTC since 1/10. M/C at 8 wks 5/10. Started trying again 9/10. All tests normal: AMH/MIS, FSH, HSG, SA. Estradoil high. 6/20/11 - Clomid+Ovidrel+IUI#1=BFN. 7/17/11 - Clomid+IUI#2=BFN. 2 natural cycles = BFN. 10/6/11 - Clomid+Ovidrel+IUI#3=BFN. 10/31/11 - Clomid+Ovidrel+IUI#4 = BFN. 11/26/11 - Follistim+Ovidrel+IUI#5 = BFN. IVF#1 - Menopur+Follistim. 2 ET 5/11/12 = BFN.

Re: i think i'm out

  • I'm sorry about your BFN!  Left Hug
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  • I'm so sorry :( I took almost a year off from trying and it did wonders for my body and emotions. Good luck and enjoy the movie... I want to see it too.
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  • Dam. I am so sorry. I also got a bfn this morning at 11 dpiui. I'm sure fp is on the way. I am getting my hair done,which is nice. I hope some hot Daniel Craig is just what the doc ordered.  I am also taking next cycle off for some r&r.  Hope you have a fun time tonight!
    ttc since 2/2010 ~
    me (36): Hypothyroid (on Levothroid), low vit. d, borderline/high fsh (day 3: between 7-10) (day 10: 13 during CCCT), AFC: 14
    dh (31): awesome (minus one sample with agglutination)
    Diagnosis:possible DOR and/or unexplained + elevated NK cells + MTHFR (C677T - one copy)

    MAY 2011 - FEB 2012 - 3 injectable IUI's with numerous cancellations due to high TSH levels
    MAY 2012 - onto IVF/ICSI (Antagonist Protocol) on BCP and Folgard (3 week delay - cyst - boooo) 5/21 start stims 5/30 ER 11R 8M 3F 6/2 3DT of 3 6/12 Beta #1 83 | 6/14 Beta #2 196 | 6/21 Beta #3 3818 | 6/28 Beta #4 22,213 | 7/2 1st U/S - 2 on board! 8/24 CVS reveals that we have a boy AND a girl on board!

    Healthy baby boy and girl born in February, 2013 at 38 weeks and 2 days!

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  • I'm so sorry! I'm starting a new cycle too but am unsure if I should take a break or not. So I definitely know what you are going through. Hope your decision is an easy one and that you enjoy the movie!

  • Sorry about the BFN. Hope you enjoyed the movie!
    TTC #1 since June 2010
    Me: 36, DH: 42
    Dx: DOR and MFI

    DH: low count + very low motility; hormones all normal; Sperm DNA Frag. test = poor to fair; male karyotyping normal
    Me: FSH 13.4 + AMH 0.26 + hypothyroidism; Scratch the hypothyrodism (?); Blood clotting and immune panel all negative; endometrial biopsy normal

    IVF #1 (MDLF - Jul/Aug 2011): BFN (9R, 5M, 3F with ICSI, 3dt of 1 10-cell grade 2, no frosties)
    IVF #2 (EP-antagonist - Sep/Oct 2011): BFN (6R, 4M, 3F w/ ICSI, 3dt of 1 6-cell, 1 7-cell, grade 4s, no frosties)
    DE IVF #1 (shared cycle - June 2012): c/p (6R, 6F w/ICSI, 3dt 1 8-cell grade A- and 1 7-cell grade A-; no frosties)
    DE IVF #2 (shared cycle with new donor - Nov/Dec/ 2012): - BFP!!!!! 12/14/12. U/S on 12/27 shows twins!!!!!

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