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Too fat for ergo (me, not baby)?

Seriously, I'm not morbidly obese but I can barely buckle the waist on the biggest setting and it rides up towards my chest and is super uncomfortable. Are these NOT one size fits most, or am I just that fat (size 16 post partum, 12 pre pregnancy, FYI).

Also, the infant insert is like a down comforter, I don't see how I could wear her in that outside before, like, I just missing something about the allure of these? I know it's sacrilege on this board, but hell, I prefer the Bjorn!

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Re: Too fat for ergo (me, not baby)?

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    I'm pretty sure that Ergo sells an extender for the waist belt; good luck, I hope you find something that works for you!


    Here you go 

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  • We have a sport with the longer straps but yeah, I feel ya. I did feel like DS was squished against my boobs when he was small. And I still don't like the muffin top-like spillage from the waitband. Embarrassed
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  • We didn't use the ergo until she was 5 months old, because I didn't buy the infant insert. Until then we used a ring sling and a wrap. After 5 months we loved it though. 
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  • No worries, just get the extender. You need to be comfortable!
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  • I never used the infant insert. I used a receiving blanket folded up instead. So much cooler for both of us. You can find youtube videos of the old style insert and just fold up a blanket similar.
  • I never could get comfortable in the Ergo, even with the extender belt. I'm a 16/18. I ended up getting a Boba and like that better for my older baby. When she was tiny I used the moby and a woven wrap. I also used the Bjorn quite a bit until she was about 14 lbs. I just found it more comfortable. I know that's sacrilege but it's true.

    You could try a Beco- they fit differently than the Ergo and are very similar.


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  • yup, get the extender. i wear a size 20 and it fits me fine. and my friend's 300 lbsomething dh wore mine, too.
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  • I thought I needed an extender for the waist belt--I was the same exact measurements as you. But then about 3 minutes after ordering the extender on Amazon, stupid me realized that the excess of the belt was folded up and tucked under something at the waist, and I actually had A LOT more give. I felt like the biggest idiot.
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  • imageheyitsme:
    the excess of the belt was folded up and tucked under something at the waist

    Is this a possibility? Ours fits my 250lb husband without the extender and I was around a 12 when I started wearing it and had extra belt.

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  • I would also agree that maybe there is more strap still tucked in somewhere. Also BUyBuyBaby has extenders for less then $10. We bought one for my friend Gabe that loves babywearing when helping us out. I also second the rolled reviving blankets.
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  • There must be more strap.  I am a 16 and it fits me.  I was an 18 and it fit then too.
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  • I"m a 14 and I def. needed the extender strap to be comfortable. Maybe some are made smaller, or maybe we are just built different?

    I LOVE my Ergo now, but it took a few months. It was awkward with the insert. We really got a ton of use out of it from 6months to walking. Now she wants to walk a lot so I get more use out of my pouch sling which is easier to get in/out of and fold up and stash 

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  • I was a 16/18 pre-pg and 14/16 post-pg.

    Definitely look for more belt. The excess belt is rolled up and tucked inside an elastic band. (I missed it on the arm straps and was struggling the first time I tried it).

    Also, hook the ergo belt under your gut. It won't ride up then. Think of it as a little bonus from your post-pg pooch.

    I didn't use an infant insert, DS was a few months old when I got it and he's always been enormous.

    - Jena
  • Thanks, all. We have the sport which means I must be REALLY fat if there's not extra strap tucked underneath and it's still this tight on me. I'd rather avoid yet another accessory to buy. I'll check in the morning on whether there's some hidden strap. I do carry my weight in my middle so I guess it's possible that it's still small on me even if some bigger folks have worn it ok. And I'll also try receiving blankets so I can take her outside in it. Thanks again!
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