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AW: DD#2 used the potty for the first time

DD#2 is in daycare with 3 other girls who are about 10 months older and are all at varying stages of potty training and she has been pretty interested in the whole process and she often tells us when her diaper is dirty.  Our DCP was saying the other day that she always wants to go sit on the potty when the other girls go.  While we were on vacation in June, there was one night after her bath that she wanted to sit on the toilet, but nothing happened. 

Last night, she said "poop" and then yes when I asked her if we needed to change her diaper.  When I checked, the diaper was dry...but DD#2 kept saying "poop! poop!" So I asked her if she wanted to use the potty and she got excited, so I took her to the bathroom and low and behold she peed a little bit in the toilet.  

After the girls were in bed, I went down to our storage room and dug out the little potty we used for DD#1 and cleaned it up.  This morning when DD#2 got up, after she was dressed, she kept, saying "potty, potty" I took her to the potty...and once again, she went.  I know we have a long way to go with this, but potty training has always been the part of parenting that I just dread, so it's fun to think that there is maybe a small, little glimmer of light at the end of the diaper tunnel;)

Only bad part of all this for now is that the novelty of the little potty means that she wants to sit on it all. the. time.

Re: AW: DD#2 used the potty for the first time

  • that's awesome!


  • That's great!

    Training DD #2 was ten times easier than DD #1 - because she sees her sister go and because DCP is training two boys at her daycare.  It's really been nice!

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