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toddler proofing

my (almost) 14 month old is into everything, typical I know Stick out tongue   His new favorite thing is going into the pantry and pulling EVERYTHING he can reach out and dragging it around the kitchen while I'm trying to cook dinner. I feel like I spend so much time each day just putting things away and cleaning up after him that I barely have any time or energy to actually clean! 

Part of me feels like I don't want to put locks certain things, like the pantry, because it's his house too and I want him to feel comfortable going there as he gets older to get a snack, etc.  Another example is his bathroom, when it comes time to potty train him I want him to be comfortable going into that room, but it's such a pain right now when he wants to be in there every five minutes (I have a diaper sprayer on the toilet in there and he of course grabs it and puts it in his mouth if I don't stop gross). 

My husband thinks I'm crazy and we should just put locks on the doors to keep him out.

So I guess my question is, do you lock up your pantry, etc. to keep them out or just deal with it and manage the best you can?  I have all the obvious stuff baby proofed and I have a "fun drawer" for him in the kitchen, plus a little elmo toy on the fridge...but that only works for about 2 minutes. 

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Re: toddler proofing

  • After re-reading this I'm pretty sure I do sound like a crazy first-time mom over analyzing everything...
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  • For me, the only thing I toddler proofed were the cabinets with cleaning supplies, and the plug ins (he would try to plug and unplug all of the lamps). Other than that, I just kept things out of reach that I knew he shouldn't have (like finger nail polish in the bathroom, things like that). So if he gets into any cabinets or drawers, there's nothing that can hurt him within his reach. Other than that I just stay on him and let him know what he can and can't touch. He's 3 and a half, and so far it's worked.
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  • imageKateB1984:

    After re-reading this I'm pretty sure I do sound like a crazy first-time mom over analyzing everything...


    No, I don't lock things. I have one locked cupboard in the house with dangerous cleaners in it. That's it.

    However, I do block off things if they're a problem. In your situation, I'd just put a chair in front of the pantry when I'm cooking and busy and at other times work on teaching him to not pull everything out.

    We have a general rule that the kids can open all of our cupboards, but just to look and not to touch. The exception in the drawer with their cups in it to get water from the water cooler themselves.

    Yup. Our only locked cupboard is the one under the kitchen sink with the cleaners. All the others are open, granted my DD is older than your DS so she's had more time to learn what she is allowed and not allowed to do.

    My thinking was that it would be easier to lock up everything but then when we go anywhere else she had to know that she can't open everything because she shouldn't and not because there are locks in her way.

    It's up to you! Good luck!


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  • I have locks on all my cupboards except one. That way there is a safe place for DS to explore, but I don't have to work on him getting into anything potentially dangerous. My locks are all the very temporary kind, so my thought is that as he matures I will start taking the locks off with the exception of where the cleaning products are kept.
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  • A cheap trick that my Mom did for the incredibly short time this was an issue - thick rubber bands...  They got the job done without being a PITA like many of the locks are.

    It may be time to start with the "NO NO" in "Mom Voice" when he goes to take something out without your permission.  Yes, even at this age, they understand a firm "NO"...

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