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Croup. How long will she be sick?

DD was diagnosed with croup yesterday after a scary night. I guess her case was pretty severe. The pedi put her on a breathing treatment right away and gave her a steroid injection. She slept all day yesterday and last night with minimal coughing and her breathing is much improved. Today she's more alert and was able to play with a couple toys and her fever is gone. She's still sleepy and a bit fussy but I'm feeling like she's on the mend and not getting worse, thank goodness. Anyone's LOs have croup? How long until she's back to normal?
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Re: Croup. How long will she be sick?

  • oh I am so sorry! DD had it, it was so scary, including an overnight visit to ER. I was pregnant at the time. This began her usage of nebulizer treatments but the actual croup lasted a few days. Speedy recovery to your sweetie!


  • Your poor LO! I hope she feels better soon. Our LOs got RSV in January and did the nebulizer treatments. After a few days, the treatments made them SO SO SO hyper and it killed their appetite. They wouldn't sleep, especially if we gave them the treatment right before bed. The pedi didn't mention this might happen until I called, which is why I'm telling you, so you're not surprised if she starts having trouble sleeping (ours were sleepy at first too) or eating.
  • DD has had croup several times. The cough seems to clear up in 3-4 days and she was back to normal within 7ish days.

    Is your DD to young for Motrin? Motrin was much more effective than the tylenol for reducing the throat inflammation.

    Sorry she is sick :-(

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  • Thanks everyone for your advice. I'm still in a bit of a daze and I called the pediatrician's office again this morning just to make sure I didn't miss anything. The nurse did mention that she might be more hyper due to the steroid injection. She only got one nebulizer treatment at the pedi's office and it worked almost immediately so they said just to go home and sit with her in a steamy bathroom every couple of hours and that's been working really well. Her breathing sounds normal now and she slept pretty well last night. She still doesn't like laying flat on her back yet, so we have her in the Rock N Play in her crib. She's such a trooper and is mustering up a few smiles today, so that makes me feel so much better. This is her first sickness - other than a fever related to her 4 month shots - and it was a doozy. Why couldn't she just start off with a mild cold instead of whacking me with croup!


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  • I don't have any advice, but I wanted to say I hope she gets better very soon. Poor little girl!
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  • if you have a choice of Xopenex or Albuterol, go w/ Xopenex, it does not make the kids hyper like Albuterol. But it's not available in generic and is therefore more expensive. Your Dr should have an Rx card that will give you a discount at the pharmacy, though, so be sure to ask.
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