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Dancers: Recommend an instructor for my DD please

DD is turning three now and we would like to start her in dance. She does a class at Kids First right now that she enjoys and we'll leave her there if we don't find something better.

But here is the stipulation. It is imperative that not only does the studio take 3 year olds but also that the students be dressed age-appropriately and dance to music that is age appropriate. In a nutshell, I don't want my 3 year-old hoochied up and grinding to Pitbull, KWIM? I have seen too many little girls gussied up and bumping and grinding to music that is far too suggestive for their age. So if you know of a good studio for little girls to get a good introduction to dance, please share.    

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Re: Dancers: Recommend an instructor for my DD please

  • My girls took ballet at the Cincinnati Ballet Academy - which is pretty much the complete opposite of hoochie. =)  Classes start at age 3 and there are locations downtown and Blue Ash.  
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