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Transferring to a different NICU?

I had to deliver my twins at a hospital a 100 miles away from where we live.  It is also an "out of network" hospital for our insurance.  We found out they are willing to pay for the transfer to our local hospital where MH and I work.  The timing would be dependent on the current Neo's decision about when they will be ready.  We are going from a large high level III to a smaller lower level III.  Anyone else have their baby transferred?  What was your experience like?

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  • That's great that they are willing to transfer them back to a hospital that's closer!  Our twins had to be transferred out right after I delivered because the level III NICU of the hospital where I was became full literally hours before I had them.  When they transferred them the night they were born, they took one baby at a time.  I know a nurse practitioner came with them on the ambulance.  They called us once the babies arrived.  I was a wreak because it seemed to take forever for them to get to the hospital.  (Plus, having just given birth, I was an emotional basketcase having them transferred in the first place.)

    They are still at the hospital where they were transferred to, and it is 1 1/2 hours from our home.  The plan was from the beginning to have them transferred back as soon as they became "stable" and room became available.  Apparently they are stable now in their eyes because they just had me sign the forms of consent for the transport back.  The hospital closer to our house is full again (sigh...) so we are waiting for a room (they have private NICU rooms! "Twin rooms" too! I can't wait!).  They said they would call me as soon as they knew the transport was going to take place so I could meet the ambulance at the new hospital and sign their admittance forms.  This time, they are planning on taking both babies together in the same trip. 

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  • I did have a lo transferred to a higher level was pretty seemless, my only complaint was that I could not go with her in the acutal ambulance. Instead I had my mom follow behind and I just rode with her. I had to wait about 30 minutes from the time she got there until I could see her.


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  • I was in ia very similar situation. Thankfully our insurance covered the girls.

    DD2 was transfer to the Childrens Hospital for GI surgery and it went smoothly. The transfer back was fine too. GL!

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  • At 6 weeks, Ella had heart complications and required surgery at different hospital literally 5 minutes down the road. It was so nerve racking to have the girls move. It was honestly harder on me than  it was the girls. I am sure you will enjoy the comforts of home! The 2 hardest parts were 1 the anticipation of change/move and 2nd is getting used to a new nicu policies.

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