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Birthday Gift-5 yr old girl

You ladies have never failed in this department so I thought I would come here for some counsel. We have a neighbor turning 5. Smart little girl, a tad precocious but in a cute way (if that's possible). I know she likes dolls and that's about it. She will be home schooled, in fact mom has started already and mom runs a tight ship at home so I'm actually nervous about what to get. I would like to at least get something this little girl would like and be allowed to use/play with post party. I would normally go books but I feel like those could be closely monitored and I have no idea what she would read. Any thoughts?

Re: Birthday Gift-5 yr old girl

  • do you see her often? can you ask her what she'd like?


  • Well my DD is 4, but I have 3 older nieces so I've been down this road....Dress-up outfits are good things, barbies, books, art supplies/stickers, puzzles, jewelry or a jewelry box would be good.
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  • my nieces are really into anything Disney princess(es).  Dress up, dolls, coloring books, etc.  I can never go wrong in that department. 
  • How about something personalized with her name? Maybe pencils and a clipboard or notepad? I used to LOVE personalized things as a kid.
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  • That might be a good idea but she has a unique name. I'll have to see how fast the etsy favorites can turn something around!
  • My default for all children when I don't know what they want is art supplies and sporting equipment.  Who doesn't love Cricket or fun things from Micahels?
  • Ditto on art supplies or dress-up stuff. My DD is almost 5 and these are the favorites among her and her friends. 
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