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I know this board is slower than normal lately, and I have done one of these before (okay, several times) but seriously, I am so freaking frustrated with the job situation out there. I know I am not alone on this board in regards to this, but I swear every time DH gets close to something it is like he is one of 2 and the other person gets chosen. I seriously wonder when it will be his turn. I get so frustrated but have to stay strong for him, because I know it is really, really dragging him down. 

Sigh. I just needed to put it out here because I don't want to make him feel worse than he already feels today. 

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Re: Sigh

  • I'm so sorry.  The whole economic situation has me bummed out at the moment.  I'm FAA and thankfully not one of the ones furloughed (yet) but it has hit way too close to home with some of my coworkers and friends being affected.  I think about all of you guys going through this right now and I really can't tell you how impressed I am.  Just thinking about it frightens me to tears and yet you guys are LIVING it.  I can't imagine.  I think about you guys all the time and really keep my fingers crossed that something, anything, turns up for you ladies and your husbands so you can get out of this nightmare :-(






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  • Sorry.  We were in the same situation only a few months ago.  I know its hard you just have to keep trying and stay hopeful.  My DH actually ended up with a job he had applied for months before and we knew no one at the company.  They finally decided to hire for the position and he got it, so it does happen eventually.  I know it seems like you keep applying and then someone else gets it or they don't actually hire.  It's very frustrating.
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  • I wish I could say something more than "I'm sorry".  We have been there... though not for as long as you have.  My heart goes out to you and your DH.  Stay strong for him... and vent on here whenever you need to.  I really hope things pick up for all of you that are looking for jobs soon!
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  • KerrinKerrin member
    That's what we are here for.  Vent all of your frustrations to us, so you can continue to be stong and positive for your hubby.  I hope that something is just around the corner for him.  Hang in there!
  • Roci26Roci26 member
    I really hate it for you. I know how frustrating it can be for the both of you. What type of positions is he applying for?
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  • maykatmaykat member

    Vent away...we are in the same boat. DH has been looking for a job now for a year officially on Monday.  He's doing PT consulting work, but the company he is working for is about to run out of $$ in 3 weeks.  The whole debt issue and credit rating has me stressed because it's going to make things worse.

    And DH has come close to finding a job 3-4x and the other person was chosen. The whole situation stinks.  Luckily, Alec is starting Pre-K next week so that will be saving us a ton of money.  Things have to get better.

  • imagemaykat:

    Things have to get better.

    This is what I am hoping for as well. It didn't bother me when dh was getting his MBA, we knew he would be out of work while doing that, but now I just feel like it was all for naught, the time away from working, the money spent on the MBA, since it isn't helping us at all.

    Thank you all, I am just having one of those days, and feel like I can't get upset around him because he is already struggling as it is. It doesn't help that his family and friends are so far away, that he hasn't made many friends here because he hasn't been working, and so, well, whatever, it just makes it harder!

    Again, thank you all, it is nice to have a place where people, even those you don't know, are so kind! 

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  • K&P414K&P414 member

    What kind of work is he looking for?  I'm so sorry that you guys are still having to deal with this, I hope something comes through soon.

  • His background is in purchasing/procurement, so that and also supply chain would probably be something he could do. Part of the problem is that it is pretty specific, which doesn't help!
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  • K&P414K&P414 member

    His background is in purchasing/procurement, so that and also supply chain would probably be something he could do. Part of the problem is that it is pretty specific, which doesn't help!

    Um, I don't even know what that means, LOL. 

  • I hate this for you guys. I am sure it is more than frustrating. :( Hopefully it will be your husbands turn soon.. 
  • kepkep member
    Andrea, I am so sorry! I will be praying!! I hope Lee finds something awesome ASAP.  XOXO
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  • Vent away Andrea. I am so sorry. Hope he finds something soon. 
  • myrallmyrall member

    Andrea, Rob's been on the lookout for Supply Chain stuff too. His stuff is more from an inventory end with a focus on warehouse logistics. I've had decent luck finding stuff on Monster and Career Builder, but even better luck finding some positions with local hospitals. They're always on the look for SCL people. Try the major hospital sites: Piedmont, Tenet, WellStart.

    We even have a Supply Chain Institute here at Georgia Tech. Dunno if they're hiring or not. 

    Wishing you guys major job dust! 

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  • I'm so sorry! You have every reason to vent. The job market is horrible and incredibly frustrating right now. They actually laid off several of the floor nurses at my old unit recently. You know it's bad when floor nurses are being laid off.

    I hope that your DH can find something great soon!

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