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Air travel with LO

I know this has been discussed a lot in the past, but at the moment I'm too lazy to go back thru the posts and look.

I know it's possible to survive this. I'm going solo with Lillian to Virginia in September. The thought of changing diapers on an airplane and going thru security with a baby is making my head spin. She will be approximately 9 months old at the time of the trip.

Please give me any helpful tips you can. It will be much appreciated!

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Re: Air travel with LO

  • I've flown solo with lo several times. I have a Sherpa diaper bag back pack that makes it really easy to get into the bag under the seat. Being organized helps a ton. Having a pillow or blankie for under my arm was a life saver too for when he was sleeping. Unjust got one of those mini pillow pets at target. Fun for lo to play with Plus a good arm rest. I also had a small grab bag for a fast trip to the bathroom for a diaper change. Only had a few diapers, wipes, disposable changing table liner, and spare clothes. Zip up jammies are very useful when it's turbulent instead of fidgeting with snaps. Choosing a seat on the back of the plane sometimes pays off if you get an empty seat next to you since those seats are the last to book. That's happend a few times fOr us. I also Just bought some crap from the dollar bins at taget so I wouldn't care if he lost or dropped toys. The bigger hit was a silver dish sponge.
  • I just flew with my 9mo LO. Being organized is key- I was not. Only take what you need. I had like 97 toys, and she was barely interested in them, all she wanted was the emergency card. I would say a few toys, blanket, outfit, food, and a "potty bag" (diapers, wipes, changing pad, hand sanitizer). The bathrooms are hard, mostly because it's so cramped. I also second the zipper jammies. Much easier! Good luck!
  • I would also recommend bringing a change of clothes, or at least a shirt for you.  Just in case there is a diaper leak while she's on your lap.
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  • How the heck do you handle LO being on your lap in such a tiny space for so long?  I'm nervous to fly with DS since I'm sure we'll be stuck next to someone and he'll be constantly reaching at them or bugging them and the seats seem sooo little.  I want to take DS visiting some family/friends that we'd need to fly to visit, but am so worried about flying alone with him!
  • I suspect that airlines try to keep the middle seat open.  I've rarely traveled alone and not had an extra seat on the plane...

    Next, the 2nd your seatmates come on, a quick, "hey, I know it might be an awkward trip, I'll try to keep it as lowkey as possible" usually winds up in the other person sharing horror travel stories with their own kids, which makes you remember that most people do it.  And it breaks the ice.  That business person who initially gave you a dirty look will probably be playing peekaboo in 45 minutes.

    I have once had the person next to me ask to change his seat, which was great since I had to nurse, too and that would have been super awkward. 

    Anyway, I've found that my anxiety about flying is nearly always worse than the trip itself. Good luck!

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  • PS- if you have a carrier, its easiest to have baby on your front and a backpack on your back, and both hands free.  It just makes getting through the aisle on the plane easier.  And the more compartments, the better- like everyone else said, its all about being organized!
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  • Personally, I found travel to be much easier than I expected- I flew with C solo when she was about 3.5 months.  I used my Ergo and that helped a lot.  For our last trip we got a new toy and brought favorites, as well as food (since she eats lots of solids.) 

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    I would also recommend bringing a change of clothes, or at least a shirt for you.  Just in case there is a diaper leak while she's on your lap.

    I might suggest picking up an inexpensive cloth diaper cover to use over her diaper, if you don't already have one.  The first time we flew I had her in sposies and was absolutely terrified of leaking/blowouts, so I just put a cover over it since we were going to use it on the trip anyhow.  Great peace of mind.  Now I use GroVia shells with the disposable BioSoakers in it- less to cart around (the soakers are like a hospital postpartum pad, basically) and I don't worry about speeage because of the security of the cover.

     Where in VA are you headed?  We are flying there in September ourselves. :) 

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  • Since we found some super cheap tickets, my aunt is paying for DH to come too, which relieves a lot of my worries.

    We're flying from Seattle to Norfolk and visiting family in Virginia Beach. I think we will be leaving on the 25th, but nothing is for sure since tickets aren't purchased yet.

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