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? from a high risker.

I am on bed rest for preterm labor. I had a feeling since the begining of my pregnancy that little man would be early- I thought by like a week. I was nesting way early because I continually had dreams I wasn't ready when he arrived. Then at 27 weeks I went into preterm labor. It was stopped but I have been back to the hospital 3 times since. I now have gut feeling that he will be here soon (a lot sooner then the middle of September). Did anyone else have the 'gut feeling' about their LO? Are there any websites or books that can help MH and I understand better how to handle a preemie if little man is born early?

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Re: ? from a high risker.

  • I had no clue...at all! My water just broke randomly and by the time we got to the hospital, DD was in distress so we had an emergency C-section. Good for you for prepping early, though, I was SO unprepared when DD was born and it was really the last thing I wanted to worry about after she was here. Thankfully my in-laws really helped us out. We bought this book: https://www.amazon.com/Preemies-Second-Essential-Parents-Premature/dp/1416572325/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1311854079&sr=8-1

    But I don't know that I'd read any books or anything in advance, they might just scare you. Every baby will have a very different route and the laundry list of things that could happen, may or may not. I mean, with how in distress DD was according to the biophysical profile we did before she was born, they really were expecting a VERY sick baby, but she came out crying and did great in the NICU. The most important thing is that now that you're 32 weeks, your baby has about the same odds of a full term baby of living a full healthy life. He'd need a little NICU time if he was born now, but he'd very likely be fine.

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  • I read The Preemie Primer while on bedrest hoping I wouldn't need the info, but my membranes ruptured out of nowhere (I was on BR for shortened cervix and PTL) and I'm glad I had read it in advance.  I think you'll find the info as reassuring as it can be considering you're 32 weeks!  Best of luck and keep on cookin!
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  • I had a gut feeling, starting the day I delivered my son. I just felt tired and achy, which of course is a totally normal feeling in the third tri. But something about how i was feeling didn't sit well. I went into preterm labor that night and delivered early the next day. 
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  • I may just be a worrier but somehow I just had this feeling like I was going to have a difficult complicated pregnancy.  After we found out we were having twins, it pretty much confirmed what I had thought.  I remember researching TTTS shortly after and just had this feeling like it would have to happen to us (it affects about 15% of mo/di twins).  Sure enough, we got diagnosed at 22 weeks.  I remember telling MH a few days before the diagnosis that I just had a feeling we were going to have an early preterm delivery.  MH says its just because we can never do anything the easy way!  My MFM said that it wasn't a huge shock because we both work in the medical field, and people who work in the medical field specifically doctors and nurses always seem to have complications.
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