anyone matched before finished home study?!?

we have a situation (not yet a match, so this may not matter)...but if we were matched bm might deliver within a month, and we are only about 1/2 way through our home study! meetings are not a problem, but paperwork/fingerprints might be. our consultant seems to think we can rush through it, but i'm not sure. has anyone been in this situation?

Re: anyone matched before finished home study?!?

  • We had to have a new homestudy done and because we matched so quickly, the new one had to be done asap. From start to finish it was under two weeks. It can definitely be done.

    We just explained our situation to our sw and she helped us get it done as quickly as possible. We mailed everything in within a day of getting it and it all came back super fast.

    If she doesn't chime in, page FutureMrsOfficer, I believe they were still waiting on a clearance or two when their son was born :-)

    Good luck!

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  • We were matched and our son was born before our homestudy was done. Our social worker was able to rush it through (we paid a small fee for her to do so) and it all worked out fine.  (Although we had done our fingerprints already.)
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  • thanks for the feedback. it seems like a TON to turn around in a week+, but what a good problem that would be to have!!!
  • We were as well---we were matched at our homestudy interview and before the homevisit.  It can definitely be done.  GL
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  • we were matched before we even started our home study. we had our Homestudy done in 4 businessdays (report written and everything) W were also licsened foster parents when we were matched, but we still had to redo everything. I have no idea how, but all f our clearances came back super fast with no problems. we just became really persistant (read annoying) to the government offices in charge of everything. We also ran several of the checks ourselves because my husband is a police officer, but you can go to your local police department and get it done too.


    i won't lie. It's really stressful but totaly worth it

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  • jani7jani7 member
    Yes we were matched right before our home study was finished.  I think our SW once she knew of the match rushed through it for us.  Good Luck!!!  And yes what a great problem to have :) 
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  • My agency/cw also told me that if we find a birthmom on our own, we can hurry up with some of the things....    of course, we're coming to the end now, so I'm not worried.


    Good luck with your maybe match :-)

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