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Anyone have DirecTV?

I'm considering switching from Fios.  Please tell me....

Which package you have?

How is the on-demand service?  Kids programs on there?  We currently use it a lot for Disney shows for DS.  DH's things too, but he can always DVR.

 Who do you use for phone/internet?

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Re: Anyone have DirecTV?

  • We just switched last week from Comcast.  We got the Choice Ultimate Package with whole home HD DVR, and free HBO/Cin/Sho/Starz (for 3 months).  DH was sold bec they are also including free HD NFL Sunday Ticket, which is over $300.

    I know our package comes with the Disney channel (I think there might be more than 1) and another channel specifically geared for small children.  There are no kids in our house yet but did notice these channels when I was looking through the listings.

    We use Verizon for phone/internet.  DirectTV bundles with them, which will save us $15 a month by having everything on 1 bill.  So far so good for us!

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  • We just moved and got the direct tv/phone/internet bundle thru verizon. We have the choice ultimate package with the 3 months free movie channels.  I don't know about the on demand for kids shows but we DVR a ton of things for ourselves and the NFL ticket for this season will be great. We had direct tv for 3+ years at our old home and only had a few outages (during the blizzard for about 6 hours and briefly during bad thunderstorms.)

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