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Moving to your awesome state!

Hey everyone! DH,LO, and I live in WI right now but will be moving to the Seattle area around December. DH is moving early(October-ish) to find work and get settled while I finish my last semester of school. Do you have tips on places to live, good neighborhoods, places that are hiring, or anything else that would be good to know about the area? We are really excited to move, but want to be prepared! Sorry if this post is vague;I can clarify anything if need be! 



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Re: Moving to your awesome state!

  • Welcome and congrats on that little cutie of yours!   What brings you out our way?  Most of my relatives are back in WI.  Just a warning: the cost of living here compared to most cities in WI could be a bit of a shock!

    What are you studying in school and what industry is your DH in?  That will help determine what job opportunities could be available to you.  Are there any areas that would be close to your school?  I think that will help us give more advice.

    This is a fun board - hope to see you around again!

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  • Ditto above - what kind of jobs are you looking for?

    What brings you to WA? Welcome to the board!

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  • Well to make a long story (kinda) short, DH grew up in the Southwest and I grew up in WI. We lived in AZ a little while (I went to school for a semester there) and I couldn't take the heat and we have lived here in WI for a few years together and he has never liked the cold etc..So we decided on Washington because he has family there(plus it's beautiful and definitely our type of place!). 

    I will be graduating with a BA in Media Design. So I would be looking for any sort of Design job:layout,advertising,etc...We would be moving to WA sometime soon(hopefully) after graduation. : )

    DH hasn't gone back to school yet, but he has some experience with remodeling and cabinetry and was hoping to find something in that category. He also has experience in sports and coaching(I know, total opposite things!)

    DH's sister lives in Olympia, but idk if there would be much there for Media Design? 

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I am excited to join you.  


    See you in Heaven, Peanut Baby! Love you!
    Natural MC 10-13-2008 at 5wks.
  • Hi and welcome!  I'm from IL and moved here in '02. 
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  • Welcome!  Your DS is soooo sweet looking :)
  • Thank you everyone! : ) We are excited to move. 

    See you in Heaven, Peanut Baby! Love you!
    Natural MC 10-13-2008 at 5wks.
  • I also grew up in WI (outside GB), and wound up here 3 years ago.  Welcome!  I'm at home full-time and my husband is in tech, so I don't have specifics on a lot of your questions, but we recently moved from Seattle to Bellevue and we are loving it!
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  • Bellevue sounds very nice! We probably won't be able to afford it for awhile though. All the apartments we looked at(online) seemed so expensive there! Maybe once we get settled and are ready for a house. I wish DH was tech-savvy, I hear that is a good career to be in. : )

    See you in Heaven, Peanut Baby! Love you!
    Natural MC 10-13-2008 at 5wks.
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