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Late Birth Story: But no induction for me!

My due date was June 25th. It had come and gone, and still no LO. I had a dr apt on June 27th, and I was only a fingertip dialated. So my dr tried to stretch my cervix to try and help progress things. And if LO had not made an appearance before thursday night, I'd come in and we'd start cervadil. I had taken wednsday off to relax, and get some stuff done around the house. At around 9:30pm I started having very strong contractions. I thought I should lay down and try to get some sleep. But that didn't happen. So i thought I'd take a nice hot bath, to try to relax. No such luck! I paced around the house, until about 3:30am thursday morning, until DH talked me into going to get checked out. When we arrived at the hospital they checked me and I was 1cm dialated. So they had me walk around the hospital to try to progress things. The dr on call came in and checked me at 10am, and I was 3cm dialated. So the dr went ahead and broke my water. After that the contractions be came way worse. And I had to beg them to give me my epidural at 1pm. The epidural worked great on one side of my body. Finally at 7pm I was complete, and started pushing. 2 hours and 18 mins later little Noah Allen was born on June 30th at 9:18pm. The dr cut his cord, before sucking the fluid out of his mouth, so Noah had swallowed alot of liquid. Noah started breathing fast, and his cry sounded strange. So they took him away after letting me hold him for a min. They came back in around 11pm to tell me he had swallowed liquid, and it would be best for him to be transferred to a bigger hospital that would be able to help him. So childrens mercy were going to transport him in a helicopter, but had some issues on they way down. So they had to turn around and bring an ambulance instead. They finally arrived and got Noah loaded up around 3:40am. It was a very long night for DH and me. And we hadnt gone to bed for over a day. At 9:30 am my dr came in and said, " so i guess im not inducing you today." I said no your not and I'm ready to go, so i can get to my little one. She told me to eat, and shower and she'd let me leave. I was int he shower, and ate by 10am, and was out the door. We arrived at childrens mercy 2 hours away, and finally got to see our little one again. He was still breathing fast, and they were treating him for pneumonia. He had to have an oxygen tent over his head for the first few days, and finally could breath on his own. Then he had jaundice. He had to stay a total of 7 days at childrens mercy, because he had started an antibiotic, and they wanted to make sure the infection didnt come back. Finally July 7th we got to go home! We are all doing great, and I couldnt be happier! Noah is the best thing ever. Noah is growing like a weed, he is almsot 4 weeks old and weighs 10 lbs 8 oz.

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