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Newborn photographer recs

Hello D.C. Moms!

I am a November mom starting to think about newborn photos. I am wondering if any of you have recommendations for great photographers in the area. I live in Silver Spring.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Newborn photographer recs

  • A friend's baby photos came out so beautifully that we're using Little Moon Photography for our baby girl who's due in Sept:

  • I used Rachael Boer... and was very happy. And, I feel that her prices are reasonable, too!
  • Another bumpie referred me to Love, Magic & Mudpies Photography and I loved my pictures done by them!!


  • evanssj, ygpm! Yes


  • I second Amber - Little Moon Photography....we did the newborn package that was session right after birth, 6mo & 1 year. I had such a hard time choosing pictures each time because they were all so great!!
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  • i agree.... Love, Magic & Mudpies Photography do really great work.
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