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Introducing: Clark William

I mostly lurk on here but have been posting in the pregnancy check-ins so I wanted to be sure to share our little one's birth announcement and story with you all!  It is quite a bit delayed though!!


On 7/15/11 we had a 12:00 appointment with the midwife at the birth center.  We were 11 days overdue and she told us to bring our bags and she would be checking on how the baby was doing and talking about possible homeopathic induction methods.

When she checked I was still 6cm dilated and 90% effaced.  I had been having contractions about 10 minutes apart, sometimes closer, for about a week, things were not moving on their own but my body was trying.  She did all of the checks to be sure the baby was doing okay-all was very well in there, lots of fluid, no signs of stress, and baby was taking practice breaths.  She discussed homeopathic herbs for induction that are used often in the UK. I figured it was worth a shot.  She gave me the herbs (little sweet white pellets...very strange) then sent is to go unpack the car, get lunch, and go for a walk.  

 After about 2 hours my contractions were 5 minutes apart and coming regular.  I felt like things may finally happen!!!  We kept walking around the neighborhood and in another hour they were 3.5 minutes apart and my water had begun to leak.  Things were progressing well and I was about 7cm dilated at this point but it wasn't feeling too intense.   At my next check the midwife could tell that the baby's face was caught in the remaining bag of water and suggested popping the bag the rest of the way.  After this things really started moving.  I quickly went to 9cm and we filled the big birthing tub with warm water and I jumped in-it felt so good!!!!  I labored in the tub and on the toilet for quite some time.  My cervix had a bit of a lip stuck on baby's head and I was having trouble getting to 10 even with the midwife's help.  She gave me more homeopathic herbs to help with this and it seemed to do the trick.  The baby was still in an awkward position though so she suggested getting on the bed so she could feel how the baby was positioned and in what positions I needed to push.  After an hour of some hard pushing our little boy was born at 3:47am on 7/16/11 (8pounds 6oz, 20 3/4 inches long).  We were team green and our midwife had said that she lets the husband announce boy or girl.  I was certain it was a boy throughout my pregnancy (just a hunch) and he was sure it was a girl.  He was so proud and shocked to announce "it's a boy!!!!", we named him Clark William (the middle name after my husband's father who passed away).  Clark was awake for the first 3 hours after the birth and nursed right away.  The three of us snuggled in the birth center bed and napped for about 6 hours before heading home.  It  was such a wonderful and amazing experience.

 He continues to eat well and is already weighing in at 8lbs 10oz. Such a healthy and happy little boy.  Recovery has been more difficult than I thought it would be (everyone whines about child birth but no one talks about the after is when I would love some narcotic pain meds or an epi!) but I am on the mend.  

 Not sure how to put pictures on here but here are a few links:

 2 minutes old:

9 days old:

PS-the password for the photos is curls 

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