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Looking for a good doctor in San Diego

Hi all,

I'm pregnant with my first and I've been going to an office with multiple docs, set up as such that I won't know who is going to deliver my baby until the actually delivery - it depends on who is on call at that time.  I'd like to consider switching to a smaller practice so that there are only one or two doctors and I can develop more of a relationship with them prior to delivery.  I'd like to find someone affiliated with Sharp, if possible.  I'd also like someone who will work with me to understand my needs and wants for labor.  Do you have any recommendations???  I appreciate it!

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Re: Looking for a good doctor in San Diego

  • I am very happy with the doctor's I've had at North County OBGYN in La Jolla. They are part of Scripps and are located in the Ximed building next to Scripps LaJolla. Dr. Harkey is my doctor but Dr. Lee and Washkowiak are both excellent. You generally see the same OB throughout your pregnancy for consistency unless they are out and the nurse practitioner is fantastic as well. They recently changed to Scripps Clinic Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Hope this helps!
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  • Hi There,

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! I have a one year old daughter that was delivered by Dr. Sandra Peterson. She is fantastic! I actually switched to her office at 7 months pregnant because I felt the same way as you. Dr. Peterson delivers all her own babies if at all possible. She is very, very experienced having delivered hundreds of babies. Her staff and office is very nice and runs like a well oiled machine. She only delivers at Scripps Mercy Hospital in Hillcrest which is conveniently located right across the street from her office. My delivery was as smooth as one could possibly ask for. If you are still looking I would recommend seeing her.

    Dr. Sandra Peterson 

    4060 4th Avenue

    San DiegoCA 92103


    (619) 497-2430
    Good luck!
  • if your in the south bay Dr kamili is great!!! this is my second pregnancy with him and I would not go to any one else 


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  • image lilnightmusic:
    I love Dr. Colette Eastman in Poway- right next to Pomerado.  She's very down to earth and willing to work with you. It's a little farther than Sharp but I think she's worth the commute!  Her office staff has been the most helpful and easy to work with of the doctors I checked out.

    I'm not with this doctor, but my friend was when she had her daughter. I've heard excellent things about her and I would consider her if I wanted a hospital birth instead of birthing center.

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