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We took a break this month from all the drugs and the stress of making dr appts while still getting to work, ordering the drugs and having to locate a local pharmacy that carries Lupron, dealing with insurance, etc...and was hoping the release of all of that day to day stuff would alleviate some stress and then it would be a break month yet miraculous.

Then I woke up. AF has arrived, dammit.

Now I'm debating if I should take another month off - we have my brother in law's wedding at the end of the month and I don't know, another month off from the RE sounds great. But I don't know if we're losing precious time by doing this.


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Re: Thoughts?

  • What about doing a less intensive protocol that has less appointments, etc.? I know after the IUI and monitoring I've just done, I wouldn't be able to do that with any extra events happening in my life. It was pretty crazy the amount of time it took.
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  • We took a break for almost a year... we had a MC and after two more IUI's I just couldn't do it again. It was a good choice b/c when we started this IUI, I was ready and happy to be trying again. Do what you need to do... time off can be a good thing.
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  • I would take time off if that's what feels right for you.  TTC is not for wimps, and getting some much needed rest from the disruptions to you life that this causes can be helpful.  Who knows?...Maybe your time off will be the month that you get your BFP.
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  • I think if it were me, I would base the decision on my labs. If I were out of range on FSH, AMH or AFC, I would probably forge ahead. If I were in normal range then I'd say take a longer break.

  • My two cents:  time off can be a great thing, if you are truly able to let it go for a month.  But if you are still thinking about ttc every single day and worrying and wondering if you are "wasting an egg", then I'd ask if it is worth it.  If you're going to be obsessing still, then why not forge ahead and be proactive anyway?  But if you can take some time and just BE without the worrying etc, then another month off (especially in summer) could be a wonderful thing for your psyche AND your body! xo
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  • If it sounds great to you, then I say go for the longer break. If you think you'll regret it later, then I say forge ahead. Not very helpful, I know, but only you know what you need mentally and physically right now. I wish you luck, whichever way you choose.
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    IVF #1 (MDLF - Jul/Aug 2011): BFN (9R, 5M, 3F with ICSI, 3dt of 1 10-cell grade 2, no frosties)
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