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We are planning a trip to Sesame Place in August.  I see that they allow coolers for snacks, but not picnic lunches?  How strict are they about what is in the cooler?  I have found a reasonably priced place to stay in NJ, about 18 miles away.  How bad is the traffic travelling from NJ to PA? 

I would love other tips or advice.  Also, any other recommendations of things to do in the area. 

Thanks ladies.


ETA:  We are considering staying in Maple Shade NJ.  We will be in town for a week, Sunday-Saturday.  Thanks for all the advice so far.

Re: Sesame Place

  • Depending on where you stay there is a good bit you can do. How long are you in town for and where in NJ are you staying?

    I am not sue about the regulations as to what you can bring in or not, but I would assume they don't want you wheeling a cooler around, nor would you want to from each ride and attraction. 

    The Philadelphia Zoo is nice and about 1/2-45 mins from the zoo. All of the historical attractions in Center City are 1/2 hour away. 

    Please Touch Museum, Franklin Institute. 

    Camden Aquarium. 

    Right by Sesame Place there is a really nice mall (I like it) Oxford Valley Mall, and there are a lot of shopping centers surrounding there too with Target, Toys R us, Babies R Us, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy etc.  

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  • I am a season pass member for sesame place. You can bring a cooler and leave it in your car/van. They have picnic benches all along right outside the park. All you have to do is get your hand stamped run back to the car and get your cooler and bring it to one of the tables. I am not sure what time of the week you are planning on visiting, but during the week is way better! Not nearly as crowded on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday. Not sure where in Jersey you are planning on staying, but the zoo/center city are always good to check out. And if you are in jersey, you might want to try a day trip to the shore. If you are staying in North jersey closer to sesame I would say go for a day trip to Sea Side Heights, or Point Pleasant, Nj. The pier at Point Pleasant is  It is great there!!!!!!!!
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  • ditto previous posters.

    Route 95 is ok as long as you don't drive during rush hour.



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