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Trinity MOPS Preschool in Alexandria

Anyone familiar with Trinity MOPS Preschool on Cameron Mills in Alexandria?  We are going to tour later this week and I was wondering if others have heard positive things.  TIA!

Re: Trinity MOPS Preschool in Alexandria

  • DD is only 11 months, so we're not quite ready for preschool, but I've heard great things about MOPS.  From what I can tell, it's the "it" school in the neighborhood.  I've heard that it's hard to get into though - particularly if you're not a member of the church.  Good luck!
  • Thanks for the info!  We actually got into MOPS by pure luck...I toured on Wed, applied that day and got the call later that afternoon.  They had opened up a new 2s class and had one spot left so we got it!  I am excited.  It is very close to us so that is also nice.  Thanks again!


  • If it's close to you, we're probably in the same neighborhood.  I'll likely be asking for info in a year when we're looking!
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