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splat mat or something similar?

(for under a high chair with a messy eater or baby :))

 Yay or nay?  DD's high chair is sitting on the dining room rug.  We could remove the rug, which would leave the wood floor which would be easier to clean, but DH likes the rug....

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Re: splat mat or something similar?

  • Could you remove the rug for a little while until it gets a little easier for her to keep things on her tray?  Overall I don;t know how I would do it if we had carpet in the dining area.  My 5yo can still be messy with crumbs or accidentally dropping things like strawberries on the floor which can stain.  I don;t know how big the mats are but they would have to be pretty big to catch all the spills from my kids.
  • We have a tile floor in the kitchen, so we don't use a splat mat but my 2.5 year old is still pretty messy - she no longer throws food on the floor, but she drops things, things spill, juice bubbles over when makes bubbles with the straw - you get the idea.  It's always obvious if I go a day or two without mopping which is my daughters seat.   
  • I would just pull up the rug for the short term rather than buy something new.  We have a wood floor in our dining room, and I've had no problem cleaning up blueberries or other potential stains before the floor is wrecked.  My DD isn't all that messy in the grand scheme of things, so it would feel like a waste to me to get a special mat to catch the stray peas or crumbs that are the majority of what she drops.  You can always put the rug back in place after your DD starts being less messy - you're not getting rid of it for good.  Unless you don't have space to store it?
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  • I registered for a mat when I was pregnant but never got it. A friend of mine used a shower curtain under her daughter's high chair to preserve the floor, but I never got around to doing that.
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  • For a simple solution - how about a vinyl/flannel backed tablecloth? Like, what you'd put on a picnic table.  Or, an indoor/outdoor tablecloth (which would be easier to throw in the washing machine...)  You could probably get one on super clearance right now, since we're mid-summer, and they're already bringing out the winter stuff!
  • definitely remove the rug

    and get a dog



  • image Sofka:

    definitely remove the rug

    and get a dog



    Good advice.  Stick out tongue

    My 4.5 yr old still spills occasionally onto our wood floor in the dining area, not to mention the 2.5 yr old and the 8 month old... so I can't imagine having a rug I'd be constantly worried about spilling on.  I'd take the rug out.  A splat mat will just cover the rug anyway, right?

    The shower curtain or vinyl table cloth ideas are good ones though!

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  • Thanks, I think we'll remove the rug.
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