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Menu Plan Monday

This is the post that always gets my butt in gear for the week, so I thought I would start it earlier today!

What's on the menu this week?  Link recipes if you can!

M + K = 05.16.09 | A.P. = 02.27.11

Re: Menu Plan Monday

  • Sunday: Hodge-podge Pasta... basically whatever I had in my refrigerator went to the pasta! :)
    Monday: Eat out with friends
    Tuesday: Bacon and Rosemary Chicken with Steamed Rice and Green Beans
    Wednesday: Biscuit Topped Lemon Chicken with Salad
    Thursday: Leftovers
    Friday: On our own (I'm out of town)
    Saturday: On our own (I'm out of town)

    M + K = 05.16.09 | A.P. = 02.27.11
  • Sunday- grilled turkey burgers, fries, apple slices

    monday- spaghetti, garlic bread, veggie sticks/dip

    tuesday-seasoned pork roast, potatoes, steamed brocolli

    wednesday-out with a friend, boys have leftovers

    thursday- boys camping, no idea for me

    friday-at my parents, boys camping

    saturday-on my own, boys camping

  • Monday - Left overs (Lasagna, Chicken Wings and Salad)

    Tuesday - Roasted Chicken with Salad

    Wednesday - Crockpot Beef Brisket and Vegi's

    Thursday - Beef and Chicken Enchaladas (using leftover chicken and brisket)

    Friday - Shrimp Scampi with pasta and salad.

    Saturday/Sunday - open. DH likes to cook on these days or we eat at his in laws, so I just don't plan anything.

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  • Mon-mexican casserole topped with lettuce and jalapenos

    tues-ground turkey stroganoff

    wed- taco time

    thurs- hot dogs with tukey chili

    friday- bbq chicken with baked potatoes and salad

    *** if its nice we will be bbqing something all week long and I won't be cooking : )

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  • Mon - pesto salmon and risotto with salad.

    Tues - Taco night

    Wed - Lasagna

    Thurs - crock pot chili with cornbread

    Fri - Roasted chicken & cold macaroni salad

    Sat - hamburgers, baked beans & corn on the cob

    Sun - shepards pie

    **My first time trying a whole roasted chicken, I hope I don't screw it up!!!

  • Sunday - Grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches

    Monday - Hard shell taco's (with ground turkey)

    Tuesday - Parmesan/breadcrumb chicken and salad

    Wednesday - Chicken Diable and rice

    Thursday - Honey glazed pork chops

    Friday - Hot dogs and waffle fries

    * I know we are having chicken 2 nights in a row - we were supposed to have the first chicken dish tonight, but the chicken didn't thaw in time. I was going to flip the hot dogs and the chicken diable, but DH likes the left overs for lunch. Left over hot dogs just doesn't sound appealing.

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  • S- Fruit Smoothies & Veggie Sticks w/Hummus
    M- Baked Mac & Cheese w/Peas & Applesauce
    T- Sweet & Sour Chicken w/Brown Rice
    W- Spaghetti w/Grilled Vegetables & Marinara Sauce
    T- Ravioli w/ Steamed Parmesan Broccoli
    F- Pizza
    S- Grilled Salmon w/Mashed Potatoes & Green Beans
    Hmm... guess I was craving pasta this week ;)
  • Monday: Portobello mushroom raviolis (Trader Joes), spinach salad & bread w/ balsamic for dipping

    Tuesday: Homemade Pizza

    Wed: DH bday- prob go out.

    Thurs: Burgers, corn on the cob, and garlic fries

    Friday: Taco Salad (if we dont go to the M's game)

    Saturday:  Baked mac n cheese and salad

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