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Almost to fast!!

My little guy was born at 37 weeks and was 6 pounds and 15 ounces. I was on bed rest for 2 weeks. My dr said on Tuesday if u go into labor I will not stop it. So Monday I got up and cleaned the house and the nursery. My husband got home and contractions started but stopped. I decided to go on to bed. We made love and afterwards I had the worst pressure ever. The pain didnt stop so we rushed to the hospital. I was having contractions 3 min apart. When I got to the room at midnight the nurse checked me and I was still 2cm. She said dr wants me to take pain meds and rest til the morning. I was furious cause I had planned an all natural birth. At 4 the next morning(tuesday) the nurse checked again and I was still 2cm. So upset cause I knew I was being sent home. She told me I had to wait for the dr to decide what to do. The shift change started and my new nurse came in and said she was going to start prepping me for a c section since thats what my dr and i had talked about. Excuse me!!! I told her no I planned an all natural birth. My dr got me confused with another patient wow didnt know that happens. So 7:30am my dr came in and apologized and then tells me if I am in labor we will go for it but if not he will not induce me. So he checks me and I am 5.5 cm. Holy cow I was schocked so he broke my water.I refused an epidural. The contractions came on strong at bout 6cm. With the help of my mom and husband I was able to handle the pain very well. The nurse came in and checked me again I was 7cm and I asked for the birthing ball. I got up and sat on the birthing ball went through one contraction and felt even more pressure. The nurse said let me check you agian and she did I was already 8cm. She said wont b long cause u are really thin. The dr was at the clinic so they had to text him so he could rush.( I hemoraged my first baby so really needed him there) The nurse litterally was holding my sons head in as I tried and tried not to push. As my dr walked in the room, bed still intact his gown being put on I let out one big push and my son  flew out. Almost wasnt caught as nobody was prepared for him yet. No rip no cut no stitches. I never expected him to come that quick but it was amazing. The entire staff was in aw!!!

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